Quad Line Kites - Revolution I and Zen

By: The Kite Shoppe  09-12-2011

Rev I

  Back by popular demand is the kite that started it all! Joe Hadzicki applied basic aircraft design theory to his innovative idea of a 4-line kite using two independently controlled wings. Increasing or decreasing lift on either respective wing resulted in an ultimately high degree of the controllability of its flight direction, turns, speed, and spins. Since the independently controlled wings can be tilted through an infinite range of angles relative to each other, absolute total control of the kite can be achieved.

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Quad Line Kites - Revolution B Pro Series

These kites are brought to you by the guys who know what works because the are a part of the heart and soul of one of the greatest teams today iQuad, and if ever someone who knows how a sail should lay these are the guys that have spent the time with the kite.


Quad Line Kites - The Kite Shoppe

Revolution kites utilize a four line control system that gives you the ability to fly forward, backward, sideways, speed up or slow down, and even come to a complete stop, hovering in mid-air like a helicopter. The most maneuverable and versatile sport kite available. The Quad Line Sport kite that started a Revolution. Quad line kite: A kite flown with 4 lines attached.


Quad Line Kites - Revolution EXP

Talents include forward and reverse flight, propeller-like spins, and “brakes” allowing total speed control and the popular “dive- stop” maneuver. The classic four-line Revolution design is exemplified in the EXP model, great for a wide range of wind conditions. The stainless steel handles keep you in control of this flying machine. Revolution kites are easier to fly than you would ever imagine.


Quad Line Kites - Revolution 1.5 SLE

The ripstop high-grade nylon sail teamed with the Super Leading Edge has created a sportwing that is quicker with enhanced controllability. The Rev 1.5 SLE continues to be the most dominant quadline sportwing on the market today, both with leisure fliers and competitors alike. The 1.5 SLE has a great sail-to-weight ratio which gives the pilot the freedom to fly in a wide range of wind conditions.


Quad Line Kites - Revolution B Series 1.5

After 17 years of competition and nine national quad line championships, John has utilized a number of modifications and features which make this a true high performance package. Based on the original Rev 1.5 design, the John Barresi Signature Series is the ideal choice for any hard core precision or competition flier..