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By: The Groomer  09-12-2011

Our Services

This seems like an easy question when people ask how much it costs to have their dog done. The problem is, each dog is different, and what people request is different. You also have to take in the condition of the dog, not to mention any difficulties a dog might give you. Below are approximate prices for you. The best way to give a more exact price is to bring the dog into the shop so we can go over the dog.

Small Dogs

$45 to $60

Medium Dogs

$55 to $70

Large Dogs

$65 and up….

Bath Only (includes nails) $25 to $40*

Nails Only


These prices include nails, pads, hygenic areas, ears, bath, dry, cut and style. We also offer anal gland expression if needed.

We only use tearless shampoo on the dogs' faces. All dogs are dried by the groomer, we DO NOT cage dry!

* - These prices are based on dogs that are "tub" ready.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011