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By: The Green Spot  09-12-2011

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Rodale’s Controlling Pests & Diseases - by Michalak & Gilkeson

This title also offers a well-rounded view of IPM, but it’s mainly geared towards the needs of small growers and gardeners.

Knowing & Recognizing - by Malais & Ravensberg

A very modern, very complete book capable of answering most of your biocontrol and IPM questions.

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These aphid predatory midges are great in trees and greenhouse tomatoes and other crops. Green lacewings are aggressive predators of aphids and other soft-bodied pests. These aphid parasitic mini-wasps are supplied as ready-to-emerge mummies. These aphid parasitic mini-wasps are supplied as pre-fed. Excellent for prevention and low infestation management. Aphidoletes aphidimyza - midge pupae in hangers.


Sticky Traps and Other Tools for the Scout

The placement of sticky traps should be either on the surface of the soil, or 2-3 inches above the plant canopy. In some crops — those 2 to 8 inches or so — but not all, this allows the use of convenient metal trap stakes. The products on this page are helpful to the pest management scout. Use yellow sticky traps to trap/monitor most pests. Yellow and Blue Sticky Traps.


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This must be sent in advance (and it must cover shipping) or you may be billed as we do offer limited credit to most commercial, academic, governmental, and institutional accounts upon request, pending approval. We guarantee the organisms we ship within the United States including Alaska but not Hawaii or the territories to arrive alive and capable of performing as advertised.


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These 12-inch stakes are useful for placing sticky traps in greenhouse crops like plugs and flats of small annuals. Use these traps to scout for pests by monitoring the number of trapped pests each week. Yellow Sticky Traps - 3×5 monitoring/trapping cards. Diatomaceous Earth - insect barrier powder. These mini-scopes help a lot.