By: The Game Gallery  09-12-2011

We service everything we sell as well as everything we did not sell. Meaning if you bought a machine off ebay or some other auction or individual most likely we will be seeing you for service. That's just a little joke but so true. We get a lot of our service business this way. As far as what we sell, all our machines come with a 90 days parts warranty on most used items and 90 days - 1 year on new items.

Labor is never covered under our warranty unless you receive the machine not working and then we will come and service it in our area, or if you are out of our area you can or we will help you find a tech and we will cover up to $150 of the labor cost, and we supply all parts. All charges must be approved by our shop manager prior to outside work being done by another company. Our labor service rates are as follows: $85/hr plus parts in-house 1 hr min. charge. (meaning you bring, ship or have us pick up machine and bring into our shop), $85/hr plus parts outside 2 hr min. charge. ( meaning we do house calls and we charge for all driving time to and from as well as time spent on location). If any deliveries or pick ups require upstairs or down stairs delivery there is additional charges of min. the $100 per machine for that service and we will need to send two men.

We will go as far as 3 hours from our Tampa facility to make outside service calls. We also can pick up and re-deliver your machines you need repaired or shopped out and those rates are $85/hr for driving time to and from location and charge 1 hr min each way. Also for our far away customers that wish to have us fly to them and service their machines we will do that at a rate of $250/day/tech plus all related hotel, travel and food expenses.

Before you start kicking and beating the machine We do provide free tech support to any customer via telephone toll free on any machines bought from us. You will need to provide date of purchase and serial number of machine for this free service. If need be we will assist in locating a tech in your area if we can not get the problem handled over the phone. There may be times when our tech will need you to go into machine and remove parts to send to us. If you don't feel comfortable doing that you will need to find tech in your area to do so. There are many places now to find tech support and sources on how to repair and maintain your machines. You can find some of those sources on our home page under related links.

We realize we are in the service business. We're not here just to sell you a machine and never hear from you again. We know we will hear from you, and we will be here glad to help you in any way we can.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011