Emergency Services

By: The Electrical Works  09-12-2011

Although our normal hours of operation are nine to five, Monday to Friday, running a business that deals with electrical and life safety systems cannot be a part time venture. Emergencies don't always occur between the hours of nine and five. Therefore we offer 24/7 emergency coverage for all our regular customers (overtime rates apply). If you have an urgent problem and need assistance in the wee hours of the morning your call will be directed to our on-call employee's pager and they will call you back.

Tel: 416-252-0561

Other products and services from The Electrical Works


CO Detection & Ventilation

Hundreds of people across the country die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by improperly used or malfunctioning fuel-burning appliances, such as furnaces, space heaters, gas ranges, gas water heaters and fireplaces. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas formed when carbon in fuels do not burn completely. We also provide regular testing and inspections to ensure the safety of your family.


Backup Power Generation

The Electrical Works sets up your office building, factory, co-op or condominium with an efficient solution for Backup Power Generation, designed to keep critical equipment operating during a power outage. Often when there are sudden power outages, you are likely to lose pertinent computer documents, the lights go out, the heat shuts off, the telephones don’t work and the burglar alarm becomes inactive.


Life Safety Systems

Put the safety of your family first, by ensuring that your home is secure from the possibility of fire, flooding, carbon monoxide and theft. By law, you must ensure that old outdated safety equipment is upgraded, particularly for those living in older buildings. Environmental alarms that prevent loss from water and temperature issues; basement damage from water line breaks.


Electrical Systems

As electrical and electronics technology and installation codes become more and more complex, we have kept abreast of new installation requirements and techniques and acquired the necessary training, staff, and equipment to ensure you, the customer, get the best installation and follow-up service possible.


Intercom Systems

Whether you need to monitor a team, make an announcement or identify who is in the lobby, The Electrical Works can set you up with the most effective intercom system for your needs. The Electrical Works provides fully integrated intercom systems for office buildings, factories, co-ops and condominiums, making it easy to communicate.