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By: The Eft Healing Centre  09-12-2011
Keywords: Meridian Energy Techniques

  • Have you completed Level 1 but you're still not seeing the results you'd hoped for?
  • Does physical pain clear when you apply EFT but return later?
  • Are you struggling to think of what to say as you tap?
  • Do you want to learn how to get results even faster?
  • Are you eager to address more complicated issues?
  • Are you a therapist wanting to use EFT in your practice?

Then this EFT Level 2 Training is for you!  You'll benefit greatly from the advanced techniques taught and hugely increase your success rate.

  • A video testimonial from Wendy.

"Annabel's training abilities are exceptional. She explains things very succinctly. I like the way she encourages the information from the group in a non-lecture type way. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and feel very informed. Thanks so much Annabel. Looking forward to the next level!"
CL, Langley

Please note: the EFT Level 1 Introductory Training is a prerequisite for the Level Two Training. 

This is a two day course plus ongoing mentoring/coaching, providing you with a solid, in depth understanding of EFT and enabling you to use EFT on a wide range of issues. The workshop size is small enough to ensure individual attention is given to each participant. This workshop is highly interactive with many question and answer sessions plus supervised pair work.  I will support you in developing your basic skills to a high standard.

Why should you take THIS Intermediate EFT Training?

  1. It is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET)
  2. Annabel is an experienced and authorized EFT Trainer with a background in teaching
  3. The number of participants is strictly limited, allowing for individual attention
  4. You'll observe live demonstrations, participate in pair work, and have the freedom to ask questions and share ideas
  5. Annabel doesn't lecture! This course is packed full with experiential, hands-on learning, so you go home already practiced and fluent in the new techniques.

Annabel is an excellent trainer: great explanations, very clear and works wonderfully with the group. She sets a good example in a comfortable and supportive environment. This workshop is a good step for someone wanting to really expand their understanding of EFT."

KL, Coquitlam

  • A video testimonial from Kathy.

What will you learn with Annabel?

  1. How to address various issues such as physical pain, cravings and addictions, fears and phobias and limiting self beliefs
  2. Aspects of an issue and the importance of being specific
  3. Additional tapping points
  4. Ways to find core issues – until you uncover and treat all the roots of an issue, the problem/symptoms will not be resolved
  5. How to approach issues gently to avoid further trauma using different approaches, such as The Tearless Trauma Technique, Creeping Up on the Problem, and Chasing the Pain
  6. Ways to test results to ensure the emotional charge has been neutralized
  7. How to use EFT over the phone, a highly effective way of using the technique
  8. How to use EFT in a group setting as opposed to working one on one with your client.

"Annabel is very articulate, presentable and organized. She delivered the information with clarity and was open to anything that happened in the class. She assisted me with care and professionalism. This course was a pillar of information and a great place to do deep and lighter work on ourselves. It covered the groundwork and preparation for a great EFT career"

AG, Vancouver

You will be assessed by me throughout the course and required to complete a short, multiple choice open book exam (set by the AAMET) before receiving your EFT Certification.

Please bring your own lunch, pen and notebook. Refreshments will be provided throughout the weekend.

You will receive a Level 2 Manual and Level 2 Practitioner Certificate of Completion.  This will qualify you to use EFT as a Practitioner should you choose to do so.

Further considerations for you

  1. If you felt THE VALUE FAR EXCEEDED THE PRICE after Annabel's Level 1 workshop, then you'll know exactly what to expect from this course.
  2. Contemplate the changes you can facilitate in yourself, your clients, family and friends with these extraordinary tools in your toolbox. 
  3. You will receive a Level Two certificate of completion at the end of the course, suitable for framing.

Learning in a group environment also has numerous benefits:

  • The group energy is increased by many people focusing on the same thing – this makes learning easier, more interesting, and is energizing rather than tiring.
  • You get to learn from other people's questions and problems
  • You immediately get to practice your new skills while the learning is still fresh, and receive help if you get stuck or confused.
  • A video testimonial from Laurie.

AAMET Level 2 Training: The Heart of EFT
Date: Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March 2012
Time: 10:00am-5:30pm
Price: $497, plus HST (includes ongoing mentoring, review of case studies, and online exam – all pre-requisites of AAMET certification)
Venue: , 10251 St. Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC, V6X 2K9

The Heart of EFT Workshop

Can $497, plus applicable taxes

The level 2 workshop was very informative. I found myself using everything from the level 1 workshop, and transitioning into using all of the level 2 information. This is proof that the structure of your workshops is well thought out. I would highly recommend that anyone attending the level 1 course also make the investment in the level 2 course. You'll get the most from what you came to do in the first place: learn the power of EFT. The results are fantastic. Upon returning home, I found myself confident and sure of what I'm able to achieve using EFT. It has been only 3 days since the workshop, and I have already worked on 2 different PAYING clients, both with excellent results." Rob Spielman, Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

"This workshop has given me great tools to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My interest was engaged at all times. Annabel is clear, concise, patient and very good at giving directions and supporting students. This is a very good investment." MR, Langley

"You came fully prepared and organized and I appreciated the time being on track. You are a delightful person Annabel and a great instructor: respectful, organized, encouraging and humorous. You kept the class moving forward while still affording each of us the opportunity to share our thoughts and experiences. This was well worth the cost and travel effort." TF, Chilliwack

Annabel has spent a number of years training in EFT and continues to refine her skills. Her creative and progressive approach to EFT is her own, yet it is deeply grounded in the core EFT principles as taught by Gary Craig.

"Annabel is a wonderful trainer. Her explanations were clear and she always acknowledged and addressed our questions. I am very satisfied that I got what I came here for. I would recommend the course – it clearly covered all aspects that practitioners at this level should know."

JJ, Mission

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Keywords: Meridian Energy Techniques

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