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The Eating Game and MIY Kit

Canada $15.00 (each additional book/Kit an extra $5.00)Atlantic Canada $12.00 (each additional book/Kit an extra $5.00)USA $20.00 (each additional book/Kit an extra $7.00)Surface mail outside North America $20
(each additional book/Kit extra $10.00)Air Mail outside North America $40.00
(each additional book/Kit extra $10.00)

The Eater's Choice, Bucktooth Rabbit Books and Autism Awareness in a Positive Light will be $3.00 each in North America and $7.00 on international orders.

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The Eating Game includes: 3 ring binder, Canada's Food Guide, Suggestions to Get Started, Introductory text which includes Suggestions for Use, 4 sets of pictures, and 5 Daily Planning Sheets for ages 2 - 18.

The Eating GameTM - English Edition - 01E
- $79.95 + shipping + tax
English Edition
The Eating GameTM - French Edition - 01F
- $79.95 + shipping + tax
French Edition
The Eating GameTM - Mi'kmaq Edition
- 01M - $79.95 + shipping + tax
Mi'kmaq Edition
Make It Yourself (MIY) Eating Game Kit
- $49.95 each + shipping + tax
(see "What's New" Tab for info re Kit)
Eater's Choice Daily Meal Planners
- $8.00 + shipping + tax

Autism Awareness in a Positive Light
- $14.00 + shipping + tax
Bucktooth Rabbit - How Being Teased Hurts
- $12.00 + shipping + tax
Bucktooth Rabbit-Small But Mighty
- $12.00 + shipping + tax
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