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By: The Brice Fitness  09-12-2011

Program Design

Most people fail to see the progress they want in the gym because they do not follow a specific program. The body adapts to what ever stimulus you present it with so in order to achieve progress you need to update your program from time to time. I can provide you with a program that will move you in the direction you want to travel.

Programs design based on movement screen, structural balance testing.

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Trainer-Vancouver-Strength-Training | The Brice Fitness

The 12 site skin-fold assessment created by Charles Poliquin highlights an individuals hormonal status enabling very effective nutritional and supplementation. When this is combined with the correct nutrition for your body type you can achieve results that you may never have thought possible before. Bigger strong muscles burn considerably more calories than smaller weak muscles and this is the real key to permanent fat loss.


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After years of working with and screening athletes Charles observed correlations between body fat stored in certain regions and levels of particular hormones. The type of food we eat, the amount of sleep we get, our stress levels and the accumulation of toxins will all have an effect on if we lose weight or not.


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Personal training is all about getting results, so I have spent years studying the best methods to help people get to where they want to be as quickly and as safely as possible. It’s not necessarily that the person doesn’t know what they are doing, but it does indicate that they at least don’t have the discipline to follow their own advice.