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By: The Bathroom Diaries  09-12-2011

Off the Eastern (Atlantic) side of Panama are the San Blas Islands. They are very tiny, tropical, Caribbean islands and populated and controlled by the Cuna Indians. A “main” island has the Panama Govt. control point, school and art cooperative. Most of the islands have tropical shacks. Bathrooms, mostly for the tourists, often visiting from cruise ships, are small huts out on the end of a short pier with a hole underneath. I’m told that the natives just, “-swim out from shore a short way.” Swimming in the area of a habitation may be unhealthy

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If toilets are clean and wellstocked, the public is more likely to be respectful of the space and of those who follow” – Mary Ann Racin“As I stood with each foot carefully balanced on the prescribed mark, I dreamt of a world in which menus of restrooms were posted in the window along with the bill of fare.