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By: The Artful Eye  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lenses, Coatings, prescription

Matching your prescription to the right frame, lenses and coatings.

Many frame shops leave it to you to pick your frames, lenses and coatings.

But certain prescriptions work best with specific lens types or materials, and the combination of lens and prescription determines which types of frames will be most suitable.

Many people choose polycarbonate lenses because they want thinner lenses, but in fact it's best used as a safety or protective eyewear lens, because polycarbonate is optically inferior to all the other lens options available to you.

And if your current glasses have thick lenses, did you know that you have options that will provide you with much thinner lenses?

Bifocals, Trifocals and Progressives:
If you have bifocals or trifocals, you might want to consider progressive lenses instead. No lines, and a smooth progression from near to far vision.

Face it, buying eyeglasses can be an unpleasant experience. That downward spiral of agony: you, in front of a mirror, while a smiley salesperson hands you frame after frame, each looking worse than the previous.

Or, perhaps, it's you, alone with your reflection, blind and lost among racks of seemingly identical frames, unable to tell if this one looks good or if it's the fatigue talking.

Keywords: Bifocals, Coatings, Lenses, prescription