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By: The Annuitas Group  09-12-2011
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Too often, we get caught up in the promises that new “bells and whistles” and extensive features of the latest technology will bring. Many marketers are guilty of this when it comes to their investment in a marketing automation solution. They have the best of intentions to utilize all of the lead management functionality – routing, scoring, qualifying and nurturing. But at the end of the day, they only use it for mass blasting to prospects, and the promises are never realized.

Although technology solutions can certainly bring great efficiencies, they can only do so when they are implemented to support a solid business process.

While The Annuitas Group recommends establishing a lead management process first, we realize that many B2B companies alternatively invest in a marketing automation solution.  With our Marketing Automation Optimization Services, The Annuitas Group works side-by-side with your marketing automation stakeholders to implement the seven areas of the Lead Management Framework. Like our other implementation services, we become a virtual member of your team to ensure your organization is maximizing your marketing automation investment and utilizing it to bring efficiency to your lead management process.  This expertise enables us to help you make your Lead Management Framework the foundation for technology, not the other way around. In addition, our knowledge of CRM systems such as and Microsoft CRM allows for the seamless integration of marketing and sales technologies.

The Marketing Automation Optimization service offering includes our expertise in helping to facilitate the implementation of marketing automation software from a process perspective. It includes:

  • Creating a Database Structure. Reviewing your current database/segmentation structure, and data sources, creating a database architecture draft for building into the marketing automation environment
  • Helping with marketing assets. Confirming the inventory of assets needed for marketing, and assisting in the uploading of those assets
  • Guidance on Lead Sources. Helping guide internal users on the most effective way to set up website tracking, web forms, and other lead data entry points
  • Lead Scoring. Consulting on the developing of a lead score model, and how it should be built into the marketing automation tool
  • Lead Management. Guidance on how to set up the routing of leads to sales and/or the proper nurturing campaign Lead Routing process
  • Lead Nurturing. Guidance on how to strategize your lead nurturing process, and how to build it into the marketing automation solution
  • Content Blueprint. Assist in creating a blueprint for the process of offer mapping and content development for each stage of the buying cycle
  • Metrics, Analysis. Determine which items need to be measured, and how to access and review the analytics in both the marketing automation platform and your CRM system.

Keywords: Automation Solution, Database Structure, Lead Management Process, Management Framework, Management Process, Marketing And Sales,

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Create sales and marketing alignment and improve revenue

The end goal is to provide a catalyst event that creates alignment between marketing and sales, gains executive buy-in and provides a starting point for a more comprehensive lead management audit. Marketers need a way to quickly identify specific lead management issues so they can move their organizational mindset from being one of resistance to one focused on process change.


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This includes reviewing your current lead management process, defining process and technology requirements, identifying potential vendors, scheduling demos, securing pricing, and making recommendations on both the final vendor selection and implementation planning.


Outsource Your Lead Management Needs to B2B Marketing Experts

Even after the implementation of the Lead Management Framework, some companies choose to benefit from The Annuitas Group’s on-going, third party insight and expertise on lead management issues. Through regular reviews, meetings and working sessions with stakeholders, we assist in maintaining “best-in-class” status, upholding a measurable impact on revenue and enhanced ROI.


Experts in Creating a Lead Management Framework for B2B Companies

You may or may not have the internal resources to dedicate to implementing a new lead management process, but one thing is for sure – you want to get it right the first time and maintain the momentum and organizational alignment that effective process creates.


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Recent research by Gartner, Aberdeen Group and other analysts confirm that creating a documented, standardized lead management process is the fastest way to increase marketing and sales effectiveness. That’s why The Annuitas Group has created six distinct lead marketing service offerings to assist you in every phase of evaluating, developing, implementing and executing a Lead Management Framework™.


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Having a Lead Management Framework in place will help marketing generate more qualified leads, shorten the sales cycle, and ultimately lead to increased revenue and profitability. A Lead Management Audit by The Annuitas Group serves to help clients “know what they don’t know” by walking through and examining every step of the Lead Management Framework.