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By: The Advanced Team  09-12-2011
Keywords: Vibration Analysis, laser alignment, Predictive Maintenance Program

Corrective Programs & Precision Laser Alignment

Roll Parallel Machine Geometry
Precise measurements of web process and machine geometry for flatness, straightness, squareness, level, parallelism, bearing centers, etc.
Extruder Barrel Alignment
Extends the life of extruder barrels and screws by precisely positioning the feed throat and output end of the extruder to coincide with the gearbox output center of rotation.
Thermal and Dynamic Growth Assessment and Alignment (OL2R)
Measurement of the true positional changes in machinery alignment from "off-line-to-running" conditions.
Laser Shaft Alignment
Laser alignment of pumps, fans, generators, turbines, motors, gearboxes, machine trains, sheaves/pulleys, etc.
Shaft Alignment
Laser alignment of pumps, fans, generators, turbines, motors, gearboxes, machine trains, sheaves/pulleys, etc.

Reliability/ Predictive Maintenance Program (PdM)

Vibration Analysis
Customized machinery condition analysis indentifies unbalance, misalignment, bearing defects, electrical problems, resonance, looseness, etc.
Pinpoint sources of ultrasonic energy with a hand-held ultrasonic “gun.” Ultrasonics is a very inexpensive predictive technology.
Infrared Scan
Infrared technology consists of using a portable, infrared camera to capture thermal images. These images allow for analysis of temperature deviations on critical process motor control centers.
In-Place Dynamic Balancing
In-place computerized dynamic balancing of rotating equipment reduces bearing load and increases machine life.
Oil Analysis
Oil samples from critical gear boxes are analyzed for metal contaminants (indicating wear) and lubrication/coolant effectiveness.

Our Training Programs

We provide Alignment, Vibration Analysis & Balancing Training. Our training programs are conducted by professionals that have more than 150 years of hands-on field experience in the their subject matter. They know the technology and they know how to apply the technology to real world conditions. Our aim is to teach our attendees practical knowledge that they can apply daily to their process and equipment. Our training can be done on-site or off and can be manufacturer specific or generic.

  • Alignment Training
  • Vibration Analysis Training
  • Balancing Training

Custom Fixture Design & Fabrication

Alignment simulators, custom designed measurement fixtures, and OEM style components for nearly every alignment system.

Our Consulting Services:

  • Design and Implementation of Reliability / PdM Programs
  • Audits and Reviews of In-house Reliability / PdM Programs
  • Process Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

We have worked with hundreds of world-class manufacturing and engineering companies to improve their operations. Our people have worked with them to develop and apply practical solutions that have yielded tangible, measurable results. In today’s challenging environment of rapidly rising material and energy costs, where skilled labor is in short supply and all other costs are rising (i.e. legal, regulatory, healthcare, etc.) we must learn to do more with less. This means that we cannot afford to waste our resources. We can help you by applying our knowledge and experience to convert waste into profits so that you can gain a competitive edge.

Keywords: laser alignment, Predictive Maintenance Program, Vibration Analysis,