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Services Testing-Associates Independent software testing company. Automated and manual testing. Software testing outsourcing. Dedicated testing team 24x7 from Bangalore India

Technology & Solutions

We at Testing-Associates strongly believe a "one size fit for all solutions" never works for all products. We are agile in our offerings and take pride in constantly reducing overall testing schedule over a period of time. We constantly challenge ourself to do things in competitive manner adapt quickly and scale up to the ever changing business and marketing requirements enabling and edge to our customers in terms of Quality, cost, reduced risk and shorter schedule over competition.
As part of analysis process, we keep track of all and customized metrics per requirements of project:

Tools & Technology

We specialize in "Open Source" tools and are constantly challenge ourselves to explore ways to reduce overall test effort via means of automation at various stages of application development.
#. Open source tools
#. In-house scripts (DOM Based Automation)
#. Dlls and Device drivers testing
#. In-house tools for Web-services and API testings
#. In-house tools for testing XSS, SQL Injections and security threats
#. SQL Stored procedures based testing for testing Race conditions and deadlocks
#. Perl based automation to benchmark Stress and Performace runs

Measurement & Metrics

It is rightly said if we cannot measure it, we cannot decide where we stand in product release requirements. We at Testing-Associates use in-house test management tools to take control of testing activities and predict software quality.
#. Defect density
#. Defect Persistance / recurrence efficiency
#. Burn up and Run down metrics
#. defect attributes based metrics
We take utmost care to share the real time data with client enabling him make an informed decision.

Service offering model

Working Model :

# Fixed Project We strongly recommend a fixed price for well defined projects with definitive scope. # Time & Material. Recommended for project which needs to cater to changing business requirements and need to adapt quickly in response to competitor offerings. # Outsourced Development Centre (ODC) For our clients who wish to own 24 x 7 business operations with highly skilled talent from India. We can assist you in setting up your ODC. # On-Site / Nearshore We offer our services with our team working at client location. Customers First We offer our services as per flexibility of our customers. Please with your requirements to enable us quote to you.

Keywords: Independent Software Testing, Marketing Requirements, Software testing,

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Testing associates provides Free automation coverage for projects above 6months duration. Increase flexibility to meet changing business and marketing conditions. Services Testing-Associates Independent software testing company. We Gurantee high quality release with following Unique offerings.