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By: Tesa Tape  09-12-2011

From paper and leather to glass and porcelain, tesa offers a comprehensive line of adhesives for various materials. No matter the size of the area to be glued – tesa® brings you solutions that hold.

Glue sticks

The tesa® Easy Stick and tesa® Stick are practical tools for the office, desk, and arts and crafts. The triangular shape of the tesa® Easy Stick enables precision gluing along edges, on lines, and in points.

The rapidly adhering Stick and Easy Stick, which are washable on the cold cycle, from tesa


make assembling photo albums, attaching receipts, and working and creating with paper and cardboard a clean, easy pleasure.


When you need expert help for arts and crafts at home, in the workshop, or in a childcare setting, call on tesa® All-purpose glue, which is lightfast and resistant to cold, heat, and water, or on solvent-free tesa® Multi-purpose glue, which is washable on the cold cycle. The bottle’s special multifunction cap enables both precise dotting of glue and simple application over a broad surface.

When time is of the essence and the result still has to hold,

tesa® instant glue

is there for you. It can bond small surfaces, whether smooth or porous, in seconds. Large surfaces, on the other hand, are the specialty of

tesa® Glue spray

, with its fine, even application of adhesive. This glue spray is the perfect solution for bonding paper, cardboard, felt, fabric, foam, foil, and much more.

Other products and services from Tesa Tape


The easy way to lay carpet - Products & Solutions

Tesa® offers a wide assortment of simple, quick solutions for laying carpets and PVC flooring in all the standard qualities and for all the usual types of carpet backing. Is the right choice not only for laying floor coverings, but also when bonding widely varying materials. Whether the covering is textile, foam, felt, fleece, or PVC, tesa® always has a suitable solution.


Repair – Reinforce – Insulate - Products & Solutions

For home and hobby use, tesa® Extra Power Duct Tape, tesa® Extra Power Universal, and tesa® Extra Power Transparent are absolutely indispensable – ideal for reaching clean, perfect, professional solutions when carrying out simple to difficult repairs, cosmetic upgrades, and maintenance work.


A modern classic for any job - Products & Solutions

Continually improved and refined over the years, its name has become one of the few really famous brands in Germany and many other countries in Europe and is even listed in authoritative German dictionaries. Tesafilm® Matte Invisible is invisible on white paper and matte surfaces, can be written on, and does not affect photocopying.