Roman Shade Internal Plastic Battens or Ribs

By: Terrell Designs  09-12-2011

Internal plastic battens assure that your shade folds perfectly. Also called Shade Ribs, we have both off-white and clear battens in 2-ft, 3-ft, 4-ft and 5-ft lengths. Use the plastic batten splints to join battens for wider shades. You can easily cut the plastic battens to the correct size using wire cutters or kitchen shears.

The Off-White battens are more rigid. Use the Clear battens, which are more flexible, with sheer, thin, or light-colored fabrics.

I highly recommend you watch two videos that explain the benefit of internal battens. The first is

of the

How to Make a Classic Roman Shade

series. The second is a very short video showing how to

to an existing shade.