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By: Teroforma  09-12-2011

32 Fl. oz | 8 1/2" H with Stopper | Clear, Natural

The mouthblown crystal Avva Carafe echoes the Avva series’ focus on complementary angles and is the perfect addition to our Avva Tumblers and Whisk(e)y Lover. The beechwood stopper doubles as a small bowl for drink garnishes, ice or whisky stones and is shaped to accommodate and store an inverted Avva Tumbler when not in use.


Designer Thea Mehl (Oslo) Thea's work focuses on relationships, object-to-object and object-to-user. Whether it's recalling visits to her grandfather's wood workshop or contemplating how a glass may relate to a carafe, it's the interplay that's being designed.

Rogaska Glassworks (Slovenia)Rogaska has been making some of the world's finest mouthblown crystal since the 1660s. The custodians of that tradition are modern-day glassblowers, many of whom have taken over from their fathers or even grandfathers before them.

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