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By: Tera's Distribution  09-12-2011
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The story of Berins

Berins Wax

Berins Blue Wax (is a gentle hard wax designed to be strong enough to remove both coarse and fine hair. Sticks to the hair not to the skin! Blue wax is available in refillable bead form. Berins Ease Wax (is a cream-based soft wax that allows for speedy waxing and increased efficiency.

Prep & Finish

Lavender lotion (used to clean the skin before waxing)

Jasmine oil - used before waxing to protect the skin and allow easy wax release

Post-wax essential oil – used after waxing of sensitive areas (face, bikini and underarm) to soothe and calm the skin

Waxing Tools

Non-woven wax strips

Wax collars

Large spatula

Disposable spatula

Home care

Body polish kit – De-tox Bath Gel and pumice glove that help prevent ingrown hair

Clear It Blemish Control – used after waxing on areas prone to break-out such as the face, chest and back

Educational Materials

DVDs illustrating the use of the above products by the Wax Queen herself.

Keywords: Wax, Waxing