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By: Tenderfoot Training  09-12-2011
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John Brasaemle
303-420-0782 - Colorado
John does gorgeous avian art. Worth checking out his web site.

Lynn Culp
303-482-2682 - Colorado
Original paintings on canvas, prints and cards.  Lynn’s work is so heart warming yet comical.  She really captures the expression and personality of each dog.  Love her work!

Susan Morgan
303-581-9252 - Colorado
Susan did a wonderful portrait of our dogs and we were thrilled with the results. We recommend her highly. Pipsqueak Productions
Mary Badenhop
Mary is a delightful artists and her pieces are always full of whimsy and smiles.  She has a huge line of cards, prints, magnets, clothes, mouse pads, etc.  You are sure to find the animal in your heart in her work.


Gabriela Sandoval
303-954-4590 - Colorado
Rocky Mountain Legal Center for Child & Animal Welfare is a unique law firm offering a full spectrum of legal services related strictly to the welfare and interest of children and animals.


Bird Calls
Stacey Dimmock
303-838-8988- Colorado

Flight Suits (bird diapers)
1-888-412-POOP (7667)

These are great suits to get your bird out into the bigger world without offending the public. The suit acts as a diaper and a leash for control.

Diana Lee Dieter
303-456-2473- Colorado
Grooming – consultations

Dr. Jerry LaBonde DVM
Excellent Avian & Exotic Vet.
303-771-7350 or 303-290-8233
6900 S. Holly Circle
, Englewood, CO80112


Animals and the Afterlife

Bully Sticks
We are big fans of Bully Sticks and have found an amazing resource for our favorite training tool – Best Bully Sticks.  Avrum, the owner, took time to educate us on the vast differences in bully sticks – strangely enough not all bullys are created equal.  The sticks you can get from Best Bully’s are all natural, grass fed, free range, with no growth hormones, dried & baked,  not irradiated, high protein, low fat, low scent and come from the best place to get the highest quality beef – South America.  With all of that, they are also the lowest priced sticks we have found.  Do yourself and your dog a big favor and click here to get the best value in Bully Sticks anywhere – and be sure to check out all of their great bones and dog treats, they have a great selection.  


Little Big Cat & Spirit Essences
720-938-6794- Colorado

Cat Be Good
Annie Bruce
303-530-9000- Colorado


The Unseen Bean
303-772-1154 - Colorado
This coffee is organic, shade-tree grown and fair-trade beans - all which shouts "good for the world". Jane Goodall introduced us to this gentleman, Gerry Leary, a Master roaster, who has been blind from birth. He and his wonderful guide dog, Midnight, are quite a team who take the passion of blind roasted coffee very seriously.

Collars & Leashes

We are very picky about the collars and leashes we recommend.  The wider the better for the comfort of the dog and it should be made of a stiff material that does not collapse and become narrow if the dog were to pull against it.  Narrow collars can cause damage to the trachea and cause too much discomfort.

The same can be said for leashes.  A ¾” - 1” wide leash made of a double thick nylon is the best as it is more comfortable in your hand and it has greater weight with which to communicate.  Light weight leashes are no good – it is like trying to take your dance partner around the floor by one hair – you have to work too hard to get results.  By holding your partners ponytail you can do less and accomplish way more.  Remember – always do the least amount possible to get results – it is what is fair to the dog.

EZ Leash (collars)
We like their collars for the little guys.  Their collars are wide (greater comfort for the dog) and easy to adjust over their heads.

Hamilton (collars & leashes)
We like Hamilton for their 18” collars and larger.  Their collars are stiff & wide (greater comfort for the dog) and their leashes are comfortable in your hands. 


Joyce Leake
303-621-2819- Colorado

SolMat , Inc .
Call (303) 582-5675
186 Evans View Dr.
, Golden, Colorado80403USA

Dog Day Care (& possible boarding)

Bowhaus Dog Daycare & Boarding
415 Jones Ct., Erie, CO

Camp Bow Wow
3631 Pearl St.
, Boulder80301

Doggie Depot
4525 Broadway, Boulder 80304
Many of our clients take their dogs to Doggie Depot and are thrilled with the care and consideration their dogs receive.  We always recommend them highly.

Dog Spot
5155 Arapahoe Av., Boulder, CO

Simba Ranch Dog Camp
(303) 258-3023
700 Lump Gulch Road, Rollinsville, CO 80474
“Each Simba Ranch Team member has had the pleasure of attending a Tenderfoot Training session taught by Doug and Elizabeth. We feel reassured by using the Tenderfoot training techniques and have seen many behavior improvements. Doug and Elizabeth’s philosophies are deeply rooted in creating a relationship of respect between you and your dog. Tenderfoot sends a simple, clear message to the dog through teaching rather than controlling. “

Dog Specialty Shops

Blue Hills Dog & Cat Shoppe
225 Main St., #117, Longmont, CO

Farfels Farm
906 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302 

McGuckins Hardware
2525 Arapahoe Ave.
, Boulder, CO80302

PC’s Pantry
2600 30th St
, Boulder, CO80301

Love Your Pet Bakery
592 Main St.
, Park City, UT

Only Natural Pet Store
2100 28th St
Boulder, CO80004

Pet Empawrium
12393 Wet 64th Ave., Arvada, CO80004

Struttin Pup
1385 Forest Park Circle, Lafayette, CO

Dog Walkers & Sitters

Teak Time Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service
Personalized dog walking and pet sitting services.

Graphic Design

Unleashed Creative
Boulder , CO

Christy Munoz


Groom Star
719-570-1113 1-866-570-1113 (toll free)
2222 Academy Place, Colorado Springs, CO80909

The Hydrant
2900 Valmont Road, Boulder, CO

Laund -Ur-Mutt
637 S. Broadway, Unit P, Boulder

Persnickety Pet Grooming
Professional mobile dog & cat grooming in the convenience of your driveway.

Home Care Providers

Canine Camp-Overs
303-998-1111 - Colorado
In home care, dog walking

Hoofs & Woofs
Martha Lankton
303-570-3395- Colorado
In home care for horses & dogs, dog walking

Larks Pet Sitting Service
720-771-6834- Colorado
In home care of pets & plants

2 Mares Pet Care
Stephanie Stafford
720-810-0714- Colorado


Vitalizm LLC – classical homeopathy .
Shawna Philips
720-224-1373- Colorado
Vitalizm is a practice of wellbeing. Shawna Phillips, CHom is a Classical Homeopath who provides homeopathic treatment, nutritional counseling and craniosacral therapy to help you experience greater well-being. She is also a staff practitioner at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies.  Shawna has worked with her own dogs and some of our clients and we have seen some great results.  So don’t limit your thinking just to humans – homeopathy is for everyone.

Horses – Natural Horsemanship

Buck Brannaman

Boseman , MT

Gwani Ponyboy

Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Pagosa Springs, CO


Animal Companion Radio -
Deborah Bodine
We did a fun hour long show with Deborah on 12/2/04 and had a great time. She is a wonderful producer and great animal lover. Catch her show on the internet and be sure to down load the archive of our show. Thanks for everything Deborah!

Animal Radio Network, LLC
Kanab, UT
We were featured on 2/26/05 for a quickie interview introducing our new DVD, Love Them & Lead Them. You can listen to the archived show from the internet. Tune In!


Colorado Pet Chef
Delivers their own all natural product to your door! Ingredients are chosen for their high nutrition content and bioavailability - BAKED not extruded - safer for your animals. No chemicals preservatives, No Animal by-products, No Crude fiber or fillers, No artificial colors or flavors.

Pet Finders

720-364-9414- Colorado

Pet Web Sites

Pets.ca - Canada
Check out this fantastic site to connect with great people how care about all animals. Tenderfoot Training is honored to be the Pets.ca training expert and can be frequently found helping people and their pets all over the world.


Blue Fox Photography & Assoc .
Wendy Pearce Nelson
719-636-3435- Colorado

Doghouse Studios
Xan Ruby
303-530-0259- Colorado

Goodman Photography, Inc.
303-730-8627 - Colorado
Wonderful photographers - their photos are often mistaken for oil paintings. They have a classic look. Shelter Me Photography Inc.
Nanette Martin
303-929-5655- Colorado

Impressive photograph that truly seems to capture the animals soul.  Nanette is an award winning editorial, documentary and pet photographer.  She began her animal photography during the Hurricane Katrina tragedy in New Orleans and her work focus’s on raising money to help shelter animals find homes.  You can either donate money directly to her cause, or have her do a photo shoot and the money will go to the same wonderful places helping to save shelter animals.  You will be thrilled with her work.

Rescue Groups

Please visit our ‘Adopt - Rescue Me’ page on this web site.


Del-Immune V & Del Pro .
303-530-7761- Colorado

An amazing immune support supplement that is great for you or your animals.  80% of your health starts in your gut – so why not give your stomach a fighting chance to keep your body healthy and in balance.  If you or your dog are feeling under the weather, have itchy skin, acne, scaly skin, diarrhea, fighting the flu, or just think you are starting to get sick you need to try this product.  Talk to their expert, Pam, and have her tell you all of the amazing results you can get with this one supplement.

Dynamite Hiscorbadyne - Reverse Sneezing treatment

We hope we have found a treatment for reverse sneezing (in dogs :>). It was recommended to us by another dog trainer.  We have been using it on 2 of our dogs who suffer terribly from reverse sneezing on a daily basis.  The sneezing dramatically subsided in the first few days and now it seems to be GONE!!


Alameda East Veterinary Hospital
Kevin Fitzgerald et all
303-366-2639 - Colorado

Dr. Fitzgerald was kind enough to invite us on his weekly CW2 program a few years back, and you will know him from the great show Emergency Vets on Animal Planet.  This Hospital is the best – if you are ever in doubt of the care of your animals go here and you will rest easy.

Alpine Hospital for Animals
3210 Valmont St., Boulder CO
A wonderful group of caring veterinarians who will work hard with you to give your pet the best care.

Arapahoe Animal Hospital
5585 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO
Full service care with specialties in birds and exotics - also providing doggie daycare and boarding.

Aspen Arbor Animal Hospital
Marie Bartling, DVM & Brian McKee, D.V.M.
6010 88th Ave., Westminster, CO  80031
Dr. Bartling has attended our training and we were so grateful to get to know her.  She is a great lady with wonderful sensitivity to animals and is open to exploring all avenues for their treatment.  Top notch!

Belleview Animal Clinic
Judy Jasek, DVM
200 W. Lehow Ave., Englewood, CO 80110
Holistic treatment, acupuncture, Homeopathy, Natural foods, surgery, spay/neuter, dental

Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic
303-440-7722 – Colorado
On the rare occasions we have had to visit this clinic late at night with a panic in our eyes, they have always been so kind and attentive to our animals.  They even host medical specialists a few days a week to give your animals the best care possible.

Boulder ’s Natural Animal
685 S. Broadway, Boulder, CO
Holistic veterinarian services.

Flatiron Veterinary Specialists
230 S. Main St., Longmont, CO
A great group of caring people who can provide 24 hour service and care to your ailing pet.

Home Instead Vet Care
Dr. Steve Sanderlin
Broomfield, CO
Offering quality, affordable, dedicated mobile veterinary care for the Colorado Front Range in Boulder, Broomfield, Adams, Jefferson, and southern Larimer and Weld counties!!!  Dr. Sanderlin conveniently provides quality, professional, caring veterinary services in the comfort of your home.  This allows your companion pet(s) to be more at ease and relaxed while being examined and treated with a caring, gentle manner in their own environment.

Dr. Jerry LaBonde DVM
Excellent Avian & Exotic Vet.
303-771-7350 or 303-290-8233
6900 S. Holly Circle
, Englewood, CO80112

Niwot Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Doug Courtley
Niwot, CO
A wonderful vet who takes the time to listen, and give you the kind of attention you miss in a hustle and bustle world.

The Harrison Center for Animals
191 Yuma St., Denver, CO 80223

The caring people at this non-profit organization provide affordable veterinary care to low and fixed income families.  They are able to offer a wide range of state of the art services.

Veterinary Research

Morris Animal Foundation

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