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By: Teltone  09-12-2011

Secure Communications

Line Sharing

The DS-100 allows users to communicate with up to eight intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) through a single RS-232 serial connection. The DS-100 is designed to be operated by itself, or in conjunction with the Teltone family of Substation Line Sharing Switches. It has been specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of substation use and other hazardous environments.

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Teltone TLS-3B Phone Line Simulator, Central Office Simulator, CO Line Simulator

Teltone’s TLS-3B phone line simulator makes it easy to test or demonstrate equipment that connects to the North American telephone network, without requiring a live central office connection. Teltone's reputation for quality has been built over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing telephony products sold to major network providers and businesses worldwide.


Affordable Phone Line Simulator: Teltone TLS-3

Packed with standard features at an affordable price, the TLS-3B offers two loop start lines and a single talk path. Portable central office or PBX simulator.