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By: Televated  09-12-2011
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We take great pride in our call center! Our call center provides call center services including inbound call center and outbound call center, BPO services, and other call center services.

services overview

Our aim is to make our services the perfect fit for your business needs - see below for the services we offer

featured Services

  • Outbound Call Center Services: From warm/live transfers to lead generation to surveys to lead verification - we can help!

inbound call Center Services

We are experts in inbound customer service, order taking, help desk support, dealer locator and referral, and class/seminar/event registration. All our agents are US Based. We NEVER attempt to sell other client's products or services to your customers - when your customers call us they can expect nothing but the best in class customer experience! We offer many different inbound answering services solutions, each one customized to meet the unique needs of the individual client. These advanced services enable us to help companies just like yours build a larger customer or client base, increase revenue, and ensure greater retention and loyalty.

Help Desk Support: Setting up and maintaining an In-house help desk support is very expensive - we offer Level 1 help desk support allowing you cost savings and the ability to focus on your business. We strive to answer each call the first time they call. Our specialists can help your customers with: troubleshooting, installation and setup, website assistance, diagnostics, technical support, and customer care.

Class/Seminar/Event Registration: We can support special events or manage your ongoing class and seminar registration needs. Confirmation calls, letters, and registration packet fulfillment can all be arranged by our staff according to your needs. Give Televated a call today.

Outbound call Center Services

Lead Verification: We are lead verification experts! Tired of not knowing how good the leads are that your affiliates are sending you each month? Let us contact a certain number of leads for you each month that you receive from each affiliate and perform a quality check on those leads. We can verify their contact information, how the lead was generated, and that they are genuinely interested. This service does not cost very much, but it saves you and earns you TONS of money by ensuring your affiliates are sending you high quality and interested leads!

Lead Generation/Live Transfers/Telemarketing/Sales/Appointment Setting:

Need interested leads transferred right to you or need appointments setup for you so you can focus on selling rather than dialing phone numbers all day? Let us do the "leg-work" by getting the leads you need on the phone for you and then transfer the interested leads that meet your criteria over to you. We can also setup appointments on your behalf so you can spend your time making money rather than dialing phone numbers.

List Cleaning: Keeping your database clean and accurate is vital to success - that is where we come in. We can take your database and contact them and validate that the data is accurate and up-to-date for each customer record. This includes full contact information (Name, Phone Number, Address, and Gender. This service saves you tons of time and money so that you can better spend your marketing dollars on accurate customer records.

Surveys and Market Research: Need to know what your customers think? Need to know what your customers want? Not sure how the market would feel about your product or service? We can help! We are experts at surveys and market research - let us find out what your customers think and/or want and what the market place thinks and wants. Having this information greatly reduces your costs and greatly increases your opportunities and revenues.

Subscriptions Renewals and Sales: We can help you keep your customers by contacting them before their subscriptions expire. Our high quality processes and technology will ensure your customer retention rates are as high as possible. We can handle the project to your exact standards or we can contact them and transfer them to your in-house representatives.

BPO Services

Data Entry: Let us handle your data entry needs - we can work 24x7 and meet your required deadlines. We use very strict and high quality processes and technology to ensure your project is completed timely and accurately.

IVR Services: Need IVR services of any kind? We can help! We can quickly and cheaply set up IVR services so that your business needs/clients are taken care of cheaply and quickly.

Keywords: Call Center, Call Center Services, Lead Generation, Outbound Call Center