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By: Telesystems West  09-12-2011
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Telesystems West, Inc has partnered with WCI to offer our customers the following products. Along with these products we offer free installation to customers that sign up for WCI service through us!!!

Local Dialtone T1

Consists of 24 digital lines bundled together allowing companies to take advantage of unique features not available on traditional phone networks. Multiple trunk groups, DID numbers to reach employees or departments directly, virtual exchange, and more added features are available to help maximize the full potential of a company’s voice communications.

DIDs- Direct Inward Dialing

Gives employees at a company unique, direct phone numbers. Helpful for executives, account reps and other individuals who prefer their partners and customers call them directly. Also limits the number of incoming calls the receptionist must handle.

PRI- Primary Rate Interface

WCI’s ISDN PRI service consolidates your voice and data communications onto a digital T1 comprised of 23 bearer (B) channels and 1 data (D) channel. Since the PRI’s signaling is assigned to the D-channel, the remaining 23 channels deliver information with greater speed and efficiency. WCI’s PRI service also offers features such as Caller ID, D-channel sharing and D-channel backup.

Digital vs. Analog

T1 service is the next-generation of delivering dialtone, voice and data services. Digital provides a clear connection and is able to handle data services more efficiently. This connection is directly connected to our switch, enabling far better call quality as well as alarm monitoring capabilities.

Dynamic Line Sharing

This is the most efficient way of routing incoming calls to a phone system because there are no segregated hunt groups. No longer will certain divisions receive busy signals on incoming calls.

VX- Virtual Exchange

Virtual Exchange allows a company to have a local phone number in two different markets. This is an ideal service for companies that have a presence in two different geographic locations and would like to be able to offer their customers free calls. This is an inbound-only service.

MX- Multiple Exchange

This feature is identical to VX, but instead of receiving two local numbers, companies can receive a local number in every market WCI serves within the local access transport area (LATA). This product is ideal for ISPs who want to offer dial-up Internet services in multiple markets.

Basic Business Lines

WCI offers basic business lines for companies who aren’t in the market for dialtone T1s or who need single telephone lines in addition to their T1 trunks. Basic business lines are competitive in price, easy to install, and offer many features to meet a company’s needs.

IVAD- Integrated Voice & Data

WCI’s IVAD product combines both voice and data service over a single circuit. This product is ideal for customers who do not have enough traffic to warrant a full T1 for voice, and a separate T1 for data. Businesses can achieve greater efficiency by opting for a fully integrated voice and data circuit ranging from 12-24 voice channels and data bandwidth at speeds of 256 Kbps, 512 Kbps, or 1.544 Mbps. Optional features on a line by line basis are free and range from call forwarding to 3-way calling. This product allows for greater scalability and increased savings by utilizing one circuit instead of two.

Keywords: Data Circuit, data service, phone system,

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In addition to the cable install Barokas chose WCI and Telesystems West to provide their 15 MEG Ethernet over copper data circuit and a full PRI for their new phone system. Safeway Grocery selects Telesystems to install all their voice, data, and paging infrastructure for the grocery stores upcoming 40 pharmacy remodels.


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In addition to our telephony technicians, we maintain a staff of BICSSI certified cabling technicians for all your voice and data infrastructure needs. Along with our cabling installation we provide a complete data rack build out including all seismic kits, shelving, and cable management. Voice/Data Cabling• Fiber Optics• Racks• Patch Panels• Patch Cords• Cable Certification• Local Dial Tone• T1/PRI• Data T1• DSL• IVAD.