Voice and Video IVR-Telesoft

By: Telesoft Technologies  09-12-2011

Voice and video IVR applications are integral to value added services and revenue generation for network operators. The delivery of rich content, interactive and infotainment services requires robust, scalable media processing resources.

Our IVR solutions support key technologies such as: VoiceXML, CCXML, SIP, ISUP and ISDN can be deployed in both legacy AIN / IN and next-generation IMS networks.

Flexible and with low entry-prices supporting rapid ROI, our voice and video IVR solutions serve over 170 million announcements each day to more than 120 million subscribers.

Existing legacy AIN / IN solutions can be replaced with our flexible, scalable platforms. These are fully compatible with IP / IMS networks allowing smooth migration to next-generation architectures and ensuring investment protection. Any application can be delivered to any network.

  • Color ring-back tone
  • Automated customer care
  • Call center screening
  • Infotainment services
  • In call advertising
  • Network announcements
  • Prepaid services

Open standards for fast deployment

Support for open standards such as VoiceXML and CCXML enables our customers to rapidly develop new services or port existing ones to our platforms. Once deployed, applications can quickly be modified and enhanced.

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