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By: Telesoft Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hardware Acceleration

Communications networks contain important information that can be used for essential emergency services, such as E911 and E112. Operators need to be able to determine user location in order to ensure that delivery of appropriate assistance and care.

Additionally, there is a need to implement network protection, anti-fraud solutions and to ensure the smooth operation of the network by collecting performance data. Such applications need the provision of real-time data, collected from the network in order to meet regulatory obligations.

Our solutions for network security, intelligence and emergency service support enable the development of applications for: E911 / E112, public safety, fraud detection and billing verification, performance analysis, location based services, QoS monitoring, lawful intercept.

Extracting specific data from complex, multi-traffic converged networks presents scalability, provisioning and performance challenges to authorized agencies and network operators. Telesoft Technologies addresses cyber security and challenges in the provision of emergency services with a family of 10G to 100G and SDH/SONET monitoring, filtering and grooming products that capture specific packet types and data streams including:

  • T1/E1
  • VoIP
  • Cellular data
  • e-mail
  • Web traffic

Continuous auto-discovery simplifies provisioning, while hardware acceleration and direct routing of extracted traffic over LAN Ethernet reduce probe and application complexity.

Products for security and intelligence

We offer an extensive range of passive probes that can connect to any network interface and signaling, and are compliant to CALEA, ETSI, SORM and other national standards. Our passive probe and mediation solutions can be deployed in IP, SDH/SONET, ATM and PSTN networks, ensuring full network coverage for all cyber security and emergency applications.

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Keywords: Hardware Acceleration

Other products and services from Telesoft Technologies


Abis and IuB Probe-Telesoft

The Hinton Abis and IuB probe is a passive monitoring solution that provides access to the Abis/Iub interfaces between BTS/BSC and eNodeB/RNC elements in cellular networks. Network independent technology allows the monitoring of information for up to 100% of subscribers on the network. No dependency on network equipment functionality. Capture signaling and bearer content.


Voice and Video IVR-Telesoft

Flexible and with low entry-prices supporting rapid ROI, our voice and video IVR solutions serve over 170 million announcements each day to more than 120 million subscribers. Our IVR solutions support key technologies such as: VoiceXML, CCXML, SIP, ISUP and ISDN can be deployed in both legacy AIN / IN and next-generation IMS networks.


Deep Packet Inspection-Telesoft

By deploying the SIP & GTP Probe, the need for additional Deep Packet Inspection software is avoided. Quality of Service measurement and control.


Optical Ethernet-Telesoft

The PoS & SDH Extractor provides selective filtering on traffic, ensuring that only data of interest is passed to the processing engine. Auto-discovery hides network complexity from the processing engine, eliminating the need for knowledge of the core network. Quality of Service measurement and control.


SDH/ SONET Network Probe-Telesoft

Supporting SS7, SIGTRAN, and bearer channel monitoring across a wide range of interfaces, the SDH/ SONET Probe can be deployed in any network to provide reporting of calls, SMS and other network events. It supports interception of voice/ SMS data, provides the ability to monitor and filter signaling and generates comprehensive CDRs.