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News » Telephone cards - Calling cards

Do you use calling cards to call someone from your iphone mobile phone contacts? Do you make a lot of international calls and do not want to pay what your phone provider charges? Now you no longer need to set up and maintain custom phone numbers for each of those contacts but can simply call any phone number from your phone’s contacts database using one or more calling/phone card accounts.

Save money when calling contacts from your iPhone mobile by using one or more cards or carrier prefixes to get the best rates, even have the application automatically select the best calling card for you based on the selected number. Now you no longer need to set up and maintain custom phone numbers for each contact but can simply call any phone number from your iPhone’s database contacts using your phone card accounts.

Main features:

  • Support for multiple access numbers for individual calling card.
  • Set up multiple phone card or calling card accounts and switch easily.
  • Automatic card selection based on contact and/or number prefix.
  • Set up a list of favourite numbers to dial, select any number from your contacts, call a number from the recent calls placed from the application, or directly enter a phone number to be dialled.
  • Full support for international prefixes (numbers stored starting with ’+').
  • Flexible call details setup allows for automatic dialling of most phone cards even if intermediate menu selections have to be made.
  • Display local time for the contact to be called (time zone lookup based on the phone number).

For more detail please go to  :

The improvement in our telecom technology make us can make cheaper international calls to India and can talk longer. Cheap overseas international calling card  keeps us connected with our family, business partners, relatives or our friends who are currently stay in overseas, such as in India.

When looking for international phonecard, you can go online and use the free tools provided by some website to find the cheapest rate and compare the rate. Here is some website which provide free phone card rate comparison and also you can buy online from them:
1. Online Shop
2. Phonecard Online Shop

Prepaid international phone card or online phone card must also be supported by a service that provide voice quality. Please also bear in mind that prepaid calling card have expiry date. Usually the expiry date is up to 6 months after first time use. Before you put an order for an India calling card, make sure to check if there are any service charges by the website that sells phone cards.

Telpacific starts to sell 25,000,000  shares at $0.20 each to raise $5 million representing 23 percent of total equity. The remaining 77 percent will be retained by the current shareholders.

Tel.Pacific COO Barry Chan said, with about 40,000 was not sufficiently large to compete with the major players so the company had decided to focus on its card business where it is number two or three. For its card business the company in the 2007 financial year (to end 30 June 2007), the company is forecasting revenues of $36.3 million and $3.9 million of EBITDA.Of the funds raised in the IPO, the company intends to use the majority ($3.25 million) for acquisitions. Tel.Pacific says that, “As the cost to entry into this market is relatively low, some smaller players have entered the market and established well in the ethnic markets. These players tend to focus their market in specific communities and use their specific networks to build distribution and sales.” $750,000 is allocated for marketing and development and $500,000 to open a New Zealand office.

According to its prospectus, “With an estimated market size of $230 million in Australia, the callingcards market has become highly competitive over recent years. A number of large and small industry participants have diversified into different ethnic and demographic niche markets. Competition driven innovation seen in the telecommunications industry as a whole has filtered down to the calling cards market. Demand has moved away from commodity-based telecommunications towards applications-based products, providing a strong market for prepaid calling card.”

Tel.Pacific’s focus (and that of most of its competitors) is remote stored value (RSV) cards that allow callers to make calls up to the value of the card by dialing a local call access number, or a 1800 number, and entering a PIN number. The value of this card is maintained in the network of the provider, rather than on the card as in the case of  payphone cards like Telstra’s.

According to Paul Budde Communication, the payphone card has seen a significant decline with revenue per annum in Australia dropping from $70 million to $20 million dollars from the late 1990s to mid 2000.

There are approximately 20 service providers in the RSV calling card market and,  according to Paul Budde Communication (quoted in the Tel.Pacific prospectus) the key players in order of importance, are: • Telstra (which owns approximately 95 percent of the payphone card market and approximately 20 percent of the RSV card market); • gotalk (Telecorp); • Hello (Tel.Pacific); and • World Telecom.

Tel.Pacific says it expects to sell 667 million call minutes during the 2007 financial year. Its IPO opens on 4 June 2007 and closes on 29 June 2007.

The Offer is expected to raise $5 million through the issue of 25 million Shares at $0.20 per Share. The proceeds of the Offer will be used to fund the acquisition of other businesses which complement the Company’s current operations, to expand the Company’s business into New Zealand, for marketing and development of the Company’s recently launched Recharge Central website and to pay the expenses of the Offer.

CardCall Australia is celebrating 10 years, and has introduced a promotion specifically for the retailer, as a way of rewarding the phone card retailer for supporting them and contributing to their calling card business success.

For every $50 in sales over $250 (per month) of CardCall phonecards, during September, October and November, recieve 1 entry into the draw. The more sales you make, the more chances you have of winning!

To be in the draw to win one of cardcall  fantastic prizes, all you have to do is display cardcall phone cards quality POS to attract customers, and make sure you sell CardCall phonecards (valid cards for this promotion listed in terms and conditions).



How to use:
Just use the eStar Phone card card number as user name and pin number as the password.
Internet Dial up national access number : 0198333006

It is very easy and you can use it anywhere in Australia.

Control Panel
Network Connection
(3) Click into Create a new connection and follow the instruction    on the New Connection Wizard
(4) Choose Set up connection mannually
(5) Your ISP name is estar
    Your phone number to dial is 0198333006 (local call charge)
    Your username is the phonecard Card Number (see above)
    Your password is the phonecard Pin Number (see above)
(6) Before dialup, click on Properties and select Security tab.
In security options, change Validate my identity as following    to Require secured password.

Good morning Africa rate has been updated, correct as 24th August , 2006
Phone card Highlight:

  • 24 Hours Flat Rate
  • No Connection Fee
  • 140 minutes - South Africa
  • 42 minutes -South Africa-Mobile
  • 100 minutes - Algeria
  • 105 minutes - Ghana
  • 110 minutes - Kenya-Nairobi only
  • 31minutes - Ethiopia (Included Mobile)
  • 16 minutes - Somalia (Included Mobile)
  • 45 minutes - Sudan (Included Mobile)
  • Above minutes shown based on $10.
  • TelePlus Group Inc., a subsidiary of Texxon Inc., on Monday announced it has signed with vending machine manufacturer U-Select-It (USI) Corp. and vending software developer VendNovation to develop new telecommunications product/service distribution platforms for the travel market.

    Who dont like Free stuff? Of course we all like it. These promotion could be ended soon, so while you still got a chance to get it for free, just hurry up grab the chance to get free 10 minutes phone card.

    New rate for estar calling  card has been applied. And more local access number are available now for  estar calling card.

    New Estar calling card rate (Rates correct as april 2006):
    0.5c per min * Argentina-Buenos aires, Belgium, Brazil-Rio, Brazil-sao paulo, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia-Moscow, Singapore, South korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA ,Austria, Czech, China, Greece, Israel, Peru-Lima, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia - St. Petersburg 
    *11am- 3pm only, other time add 2c per min

    The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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