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By: Teleparent Educational Systems  09-12-2011
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“ TeleParent has improved and modified student behavior. ”

Garfield High School

NetSupport announced the beta launch of NetSupport Notify, a mass-notification desktop alert system for schools and districts. The new product leverages NetSupport's desktop management technology to deliver important messages and emergency alerts across a local or wide-area network to all Windows and Macintosh computers instantly. A NetSupport representative called the solution a "21st-century" replacement to the traditional PA system..

EngageTeacher! is the first Automated, Multi-Lingual, Teacher-to-Parent Communication tool specifically designed to help teachers manage their classrooms and notify parents of need-to-know information quickly and easily in over 20 languages..

Continuity Between the Classroom and Home

At TeleParent, our core mission is to help parents become more engaged in their child's learning experience. The most crucial line of communication to improving student achievement is between teachers and parents. Thus, TeleParent's EngageTeacher! is the first and most effective tool in maintaining continuity between the classroom, promoting better student achievement and greater academic and social success.

Not only does TeacherEngage! help parents become more involved on a daily basis with their child's education, but it helps teachers better manage their classrooms. Between strengthening classroom management and parental involvement, EngageTeacher! directly impacts the two most powerful drivers in student achievement: Better quality of teaching in the classroom and more involved parents at home.

How It Works

Entirely web-based, Engage! allows teachers to quickly and easily send messages specifically tailored to each student's unique classroom experience on any given day, in any language with no typing or recording. The messages are separated into five categories: Attendance, Corrective, Grade Progress, Informational, and Rewarding/Positive. When parents receive daily, specific information about their student, they can truly partner with teachers in their child's education.

Teachers can select as many messages for each individual student as necessary, as well as for an entire class period or a select group of students and any combination thereof. The service utilizes pre-recorded messages which were created through the analysis of thousands of teacher suggestions. The messages were then produced using professional translators. The system currently contains over 1,000 messages translated into 23 languages. The messages are automatically sent in the correct language, without the need for initiation by the user.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Improved Classroom Behavior and Management
  • Higher Homework Completion
  • Better Prepared Students for Tests and Class Work
  • Positive Student Attitudes
  • More Accountable Students
  • Happier, More Informed Parents
  • Greater Partnership between Teachers and Parents
  • Unlimited Specific Messaging
  • Automated Multilingual Messaging
  • Customized Online Reports
  • No Recording Or Typing Necessary
  • 100% Translation Accuracy With Real Human Translators

TeleParent services are 100% hosted so there is no need for additional hardware, software, or phone lines.

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