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By: Telemate  09-12-2011
Keywords: service providers, Firewall Reporting

The TeleMate® Collector Pro is the industry’s most flexible application for collecting and managing critical network data. The application can be site licensed for use with TeleMate® Unified Call Management solutions, the TeleMate Managed Access Service, the NetAuditor® Firewall Reporting Suite, or with any other application requiring the management of log files. The architectural design provides the framework to centrally collect and relay log information from unlimited voice and data network sources including VoIP gateways, call managers, TDM PBXs, firewalls, proxy servers, and other security devices.

The Collector Pro has three modes of operation for real-time, on demand scalability: Server, Relay Server, and Relay Client. Each mode installs in seconds and operates as a Windows Services on any Window’s client, server, or virtual operating system. High availability options for guaranteed uptime, automated backups, system tuning, and email notification are also included.

Figure 1: TeleMate Collector Pro

Server Mode

The Collector Pro supports all industry standard log output methods including:

  • SYSLOG with extensions to support Syslog over TCP
  • Telnet Server and Client
  • RSP ( Avaya's Reliable Session Protocol ) with RSP FIPS 140-2 Compliant mode
  • FTP Push and Pull for remote location including mobile service providers
  • Direct Serial connections
  • Real-time Scripting with pre-packaged scripts for binding Cisco Call Manager CDR and CMR diagnostic data or for Shell commands
  • Aside from collection, it allows for historical tracking of static data, by linking to LDAP servers for automated synchronization with other mission critical systems

Each collection method listens on configurable ports to merge or segment log detail by source IP address into daily files.

Relay Server Mode

the Collector Pro behaves like a traditional server. The server does not maintain state information on clients and does not provide clients access to information on the server. Clients connect to the server only to append record X to file Y in folder Z. To enhance security, relay connections are made using OpenSSL 0.9.8h on port 443 which is recognized as encrypted SSL tunnel to a traditional proxy server.

Relay Client Mode

the Collector Pro will only talk to a designate server. A server will accept relayed data from as many clients as you configure. By default, each client keeps a relay connection open 24/7 to transmit all newly collected log records on a per minute bases. Each client also converts its configuration files into log files every day and relays them to the server in the event of system failure. In addition, administrators have access to multiple controls to enabled or disabled collection and relaying information at any time from a client or a server. When a relay connection is re-established, the Collector Pro will automatically pick up where it left off. In addition, the relay server can detect out of sync files due to a lost connection, which prompts the client to resend and complete the file.

Why Customers Choose TeleMate® Collector Pro:

  • Eliminates the need of call storage devices and buffers. A site license supports a global deployment
  • Supports unlimited "instances" of supported collection methods
  • Will never drop packets under heavy load and often is used to replace Unix Syslog servers
  • Stores log data in easily accessible compressed folders
  • Automatic log file management by time, size of available disk space, or both, for storage optimization
  • Encrypted SSL tunnels to relay log data from one location to another
  • Automatically detects network failure with fault recovery

Keywords: Firewall Reporting, service providers,

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