By: Telegraph Hill Consulting  09-12-2011

We've been through the process of migrating existing content to XML and we've solved the details of authoring and publishing structured content. From this experience we have developed full XML solutions that can simplify XML adoption in your company.
One of your first decisions in any XML project is the choice of authoring and publishing tools. And structured authoring forces content developers to adopt a new mindset. We can help with both tools and processes.
DITA is the latest standard for structured content, and includes new enhancements for mapping content to different purposes. It has a few growing pains, but is a good choice for most applications, especially tech pubs.
DocBook has been around for a while, and has become a little overweight. Most apps only require a subset of the DocBook elements, and we have such a simplified solution to offer.

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Working with the tech pubs manager, we can propose a documentation solution, estimate costs, schedule deliverables, write content, and deliver online and printed documents. In other cases, our contractors can develop new applications from existing technologies, and to present these proposals to the team and to customers. We understand how clear and concise documentation, delivered within your schedule and budget, can help your product succeed.



This free software is especially useful for those who want to automate routine FrameMaker tasks, but don't want to learn to program in C and don't need a full-blown scripting product. This tool automates the routine tasks of updating variables, importing formats and element defintions, updating cross references, and creating a PDF.