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By: Telcordia Technologies  09-12-2011

Infinite opportunities exist for interactive, personalized content, services and applications to be delivered to anyone by any operator on any device around the world. Telcordia interconnection solutions are helping to overcome the many challenges that exist in bringing all of the necessary stakeholders together to seize these opportunities. As a result, content, applications, devices and services all reach their true potential in a thriving global marketplace.

Bridging the Gaps

As operators open their networks to content providers to capitalize on emerging opportunities, they need a neutral, third-party source to serve as an intermediary -- to ensure everything runs smoothly and proprietary data remains safe. We are the global “trusted administrator” of mission-critical industry directories, connecting content providers, operators and users around device type, provider ID, routing data, location, presence and user profile data.

Every day, we are helping operators and content providers expand their service reach, ensure service delivery, accelerate service adoption and reduce delivery costs. By bridging any type of service provider, network standard, application and operating system with their supported devices, we help promote market penetration of innovative services and drive revenue growth.

Experience Counts

We have the deep experience, broad customer base and comprehensive product portfolio to meet any market demand or challenge. Our telecom interconnection solutions and industry directories are used by more than 1,000 operators, content providers, enterprises and regulators worldwide. These solutions power the next generation of consumer services and interconnect the networks, devices, and applications critical to evolving the global telecommunications marketplace.

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