By: Tefasco  09-12-2011

Vessel with Low Productivity Rate (obsolete ship gears, very low lifting capacity, very slow boom cycle, with cargo stowage)
Vessel with Medium Productivity Rate (fast boom cycle but limited lifting capacity)
Vessel with High Productivity Rate (excellent ship gears, very high lifting capacity, very fast boom cycle, and no problems with cargo stowage)
Productivity rates on non-containerized cargoes vary according to the following factors:
Vessel’s configuration (hatch opening, crane/boom safe working load, crane cycle)
Ship’s gear condition
Cargo Stowage
Productivity rate on containerized cargo is based primarily on the vessel’s crane performance.
Vessel’s operation is assumed to be at “maximum 20 hour” per day, under normal conditions.
Vessel’s operation hours exclude any “standby hours” caused by rain, vessel mechanical trouble, non-availability of consignees’ trucks, and other factors not attributable to the cargo handler. The said standby hours would be deducted from vessel operation hours to arrive at the net gang hours in computing the productivity rate for the day.