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By: Techpit Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Backup And Recovery

In today's competitive business environment, keeping your IT systems running is one of the keys to your success.  TechPIT Solutions offers high-quality, flexible service desk programs to support your business needs around the clock.  We understand that every minute of downtime is costing your business time and money as well as impacting productity.  Our services are uniquely designed to help us get to the heart of the matter to bring you back on line as quickly as possible.  

Our fixed price support plans delivers a predictable cost for the support of your mission-critical business systems.  Our goal is to ensure that your system is free from technology threats and downtime to help maximize your productivity.  Through our regular preventive maintenance program and comprehensive real-time monitoring of your computer systems, we detect issues and take corrective actions in a proactive manner to prevent many system failures from ever happening. 

Key features of our monthly service plans include:

Backup & Monitoring.  We offer a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy to ensure that your information is retrievable in the event of a system failure.  We receive daily email alerts that indicate the success or failure of backups for your systems.

Proactive Technical Support.   The cornerstone of our service is our preventive technical support.  Leveraging our years of experience, we strive to anticipate problems before they occur to ensure smooth operation of your system.

Single Point of Contact.  Our convenient services provide a single point of contact for all IT-related incidents.  We support desktops, BlackBerry's and other PDAs, laptops (mac/windows), mobile devices, servers, printers and other perhiperal devices.  You have one number to call for all of your IT support needs.

Remote Desktop Control.   We offer fast, secure access to your system that allows us to deliver interactive user support to troubleshoot problems faster.

Security and Anti-Virus Management.  Our processes and procedures ensure that you have the latest security patches and anti-virus updates to protect your systems from malicious code.

Advanced Support Tools.   TechPIT Solutions uses enterprise-level IT online service management tools to support incident management, request managment, problem ticket support, and knowledge management.  Our advanced support tools help deliver a seamless user experience, faster problem resolution, and comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities.

Convenient Service Level Agreements (SLAs).   We offer convenient SLAs and other performance-based contracts to promote accountability and establish performance benchmarks for our success.

Fixed Fee Monthly Service Plan.

Keywords: Backup And Recovery

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