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By: Technomed Solutions  09-12-2011

In order to provide maximum return on your investment, TechnoMed Solutions puts its commitment to exceptional customer support behind every product we offer. That way, you and your organization can focus on your specialty — and we’ll focus on our products and services and how they can best serve you.

TechnoMed Solutions prides itself on meeting your long-term needs. In order to do so, we guide and nourish longer-term customer partnerships. That means that throughout our relationship, we will continue to add value to our products and services — and you can expect our cooperative partnership to evolve as your business does. TechnoMed Solutions' customer service goals
Our customer service goals are simple:
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations in the delivery of services
  • Empower our customers with a personalized product knowledge transfer strategy
  • Value and use customer feedback in the design and implementation of our service offerings

Our goals are not taken lightly. TechnoMed Solutions has developed a comprehensive support structure that includes an expert Support Team to keep your systems operating at peak performance.

Multi-faceted customer support
The TechnoMed Support Team is committed to our customer support goals and consists of a wide-range of experts with diverse and respected backgrounds. Through an annual maintenance fee, they act as an extension of your business and keep it operating at peak performance.
  • Toll-free support line. Toll-free access to expertise at our support centers.
  • Remote access. Allows a member of our support team to view information as it appears at the client site and for software installation.
  • Software defect correction. Includes all defect corrections made to the base product when it does not adhere to Virtuo product documentation.
  • Automated call management system. Using advanced software, every support call is reported, tracked and resolved using one central system.
  • Base enhancements. Includes additions or extensions of software functionality and features released on a scheduled basis.
  • Support statements. Summarizes activities reported to the TechnoMed Solutions support center.
  • Customer communications. Product updates (such as release announcements and alerts) and general processing information based on legislated considerations and changes.
  • User groups. We facilitate product-oriented user group meetings and annual conference.

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At TechnoMed Solutions, we provide extended technical services to meet the needs of your organization’s individual needs and requirements. That means that our Professional Services team members are trained to give you value-added support for your systems. TechnoMed Solutions' Professional Services team extends its expertise to system and data file recovery assistance.


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At TechnoMed Solutions, we take a two-pronged approached to providing exception project management capabilities: expert staff and proven procedures. It only makes sense then that your investment include advanced project management to meet your business objectives. To find out about our methodology and procedures, read about our industry-leading implementation services.


TechnoMed Solutions : Services : Implementation Services

This ensures that our customers receive industry-leading implementation services so that they can maximize our blood bank products’ functionality and get as much return on their investment as possible. Transfusion Health will develop a detailed project management plan — developed jointly between our teams — to serve as a master plan for the entire project.