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By: Technocraft Online  09-12-2011
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Your Online Representative

TechnoCraft Online is a specialist in designing web sites around their clients needs and developing sites fast.

Our freelance panache ensures that our clientelle receive the care and attention required to see their project succeed.

Our Web Services

Hosting & Domain Names

We currently offer a years hosting with up to three free domain names for as little as $10 a month.
(Unlimited Bandwidth, and Storage)

We consult with our clients to ensure they score the best domain name possible.

Basic Website Package

Hosting, Domain Registration, Single Page HTML


We design a custom layout for your website and your web pages are properly rendered across:
Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.


We research and write your content for you.
Have a brief read through the prose we produced for a few of our clients.


As artists, we understand how to place your content upon a page to ensure that it is readable and pleasing to the eye. Let us massage your content.


Quote forms are a handy way of ensuring your client's requests follow a framework that maximizes the efforts of both parties.
No more confusion regarding your client's needs when you can define what the required questions are.

How about an online employment application? Receive notifications when somebody files a new entry and review the entries at your leisure.

Taking your site to the level means installing and configuring your website software upon the Host.
This also means branding the entire package with your company's image making the CMS platform your identity through and through.
Now you're playing with power.
Note: May not always cover the cost of custom widget development.


Want Rembrandt to handle your stills? Well he's dead, but we produce extremely high res original stills and can manipulate them to create fabulous and professional layouts that represent you the way you want to be represented. Most folks can't tell the difference.

Great, so you make websites too?

TechnoCraft Online uses the same techniques that any studio would to accomplish a task.

While we agree that security may be handled offsite, we feel that the rudimentary aspects such as gallery, forum, news should all bear a consistent aesthetic and interface, to ensure the professional appearance and nature of your web presence.

That means if you have a store, that store is on your site.

The affordability of our services, coupled with the quality of our productions, has made us the obvious web design choice for many Okanagan businesses already.

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Keywords: Domain Name, Domain Names

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