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By: Technocraft Online  09-12-2011
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Our expertise stretches into printing services, standards and solutions.
We know that a consistent company image is important in marketing, thus we offer many other services to ensure that your website matches your business cards, brochures, shirts and any other material that you wish to have representing you.

Elements we produce are easily transferred to print. All logos created by TechnoCraft Online are vector-based or utilize high resolution images to ensure fidelity in large scale printing.

We hold relations with several printing and sign manufacturers in Kelowna, British Columbia and are trusted for our speed and quality of service not to mention our reasonable rates.

We provide multiple pieces of concept draft and multiple revisions in our graphic designs so your finished product is worth representing your company.

A Sampling of Services we Offer

As the short story behind your company and what you offer, a brochure is a valuable asset as it allows, in a broad range of formats, your company to inform your prospective market, of your services, in five seconds or less.
Brochures are a fantastic hand out, or leave behind, which can be strategized to assist a sales process, educate a client or rehash pertinent information.

Business Cards
Your identity in a three and a half inch rectangle. This price assumes that the client is providing a logo design.
Prices vary based on the cards design and if you want something different, we can make some suggestions.

Your company needs brand power and the first step in establishing that brand power is a great name. The second step, which we can help with, is a killer logo.

TechnoCraft Online has provided many businesses and individuals with new designs and redesigns of their existing logos, either modernizing the design, or converting the logo to a large format printable.

T-Shirt Design
While we don't produce anything in-house, TechnoCraft Online can produce graphics for screen printing, and embroidery quickly and painlessly.

Eyecatching and informative, flyers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from full four panel foldouts to single card inserts.
We can produce any form of leaflet that you can envision and best of all, we have the industry contacts to have it printed at a great price.

Restaurant Menus
Clean, stylish and easy to read with all the pertinent information readily available. Our designs are always to taste. Don't let your restaraunt keep operating with those craptastic amateur menus.. your customers might be twittering about it..

Copy Writing
Generating adcopy that features the aspects Search Engines look for is not an easy task for everybody. Outsourcing to overseas content writers proves unproductive as the typical content received is garbledegook, rife with misspellings and making references to unrelated topics. Get it right the first time. Get it written by us.

With less than six seconds available in which to grab your target market's attention, Billboards have to be as effective as possible in their design. TechnoCraft Online can produce the high resolution designs required for this medium and we're fast at it.

Vehicle Decals
Vehicle graphics are a fantastic way of getting a message across. TechnoCraft Online designs graphics in vector format and we have converted many artworks into ready to cut format for print and sign shops.

We are not a photography studio, and we don't do weddings. We are professionals who maintain the equipment and expertise required to address the needs of our clients as they appear.

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