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By: Technocraft Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Flange

Technocraft Industries announces the innovative Tite-Seal Brand S-Insertion of Octagon Base flanges. This new method of inserting flanges into drums provides the most secure closure available on the market today.

Technocraft Industries, with almost 30 years'experience producing drum closures, is a world leader in the drum closure industry. Through its advanced R&D efforts, the company has developed the new S-insertion method of installing flanges into steel drums.

The S-insertion method starts with the standard process of punching and forming the pocket for the flange and then installing it into the drum. The patented advancement that the S-insertion provides is the crimping of the pocket around the flange. This crimping operation pushes the metal at the bottom of the pocket under the flange, thus locking the flange into the pocket.

With normal insertions, in drop tests where the head of the drum falls flat on the ground, the flange is pushed out of the pocket. Leakage of the closures results. With our new S-Insertion method, perpendicular flat drop tests do not result in flanges jarred from the pocket.

Keywords: Flange