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By: Techimp Systems  09-12-2011

PDBaseII instruments are largely innovative in the field of partial discharge (PD) analysis. Based on analogue to digital converters operating at 200 Ms/s, they can record the whole shape of PD pulses (with a bandwidth of 40 MHz). Samples are processed on-the-fly in real-time by resorting to on board computing capabilities with fast floating point units, allowing the extraction of features for a large number of PD pulses. Fuzzy logic algorithms process these features in order to separate pulses having similar shape. As a result, noise rejection and PD source separation can be performed straightforwardly. This enables PD data interpretation and diagnostic procedure to be established readily.

Thanks to its capabilities, the PDBaseII can be used both for on-site tests and laboratory tests. The PDBaseII is in compliance with the requirements of the IEC 60270 standard and can be supplied with a dedicated software tool for factory acceptance tests.

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