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By: Tech Packaging  09-12-2011
Keywords: Bundle Wrapping, Shrink Banding,

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Shrink Wrapping
Bundle Wrapping

Bundle wrapping is a cousin of shrink-wrapping but there are some important differences between the two.  First, bundle wrapping primarily uses polyethylene film.  The thicknesses are commonly higher in gauge.  The film’s added strength gives bundle wrapping an important advantage by reducing secondary packaging costs by usually eliminating the need for block-and-brace and strengthening components such as corrugate and paperboard inserts.  Second, bundle wraps benefit the marketing department.  The print-registered film acceptance helps for point-of-purchase impact.  Marketers need this flexibility; retailers are requiring it to stimulate sales. 

Shrink Banding 

Shrink banding or sleeving is used to hold individual products together in a group for instance gallon jugs, mouthwash, chapstick, etc. as seen in many club stores. 

Date Coding

We date code all products for our customers.  This helps them identify our production date and the product becomes traceable if necessary.

Retail Displays

Quarter, half and full retail pallet displays are hand assembled and often found in club stores in strategic locations for point of purchase impact. We have filled displays with as many as 100 items in one display.

Keywords: Bundle Wrapping, Shrink Banding,