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By: Teacher Resource Centre  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dvd, Math Bag

For Kindergarten / Primary
Boom Chicka Rock [Big book] Big book E ARC
Counting kittens [Big book] Big book 513.211 P58
What comes in 2’s, 3’s, & 4’s? 513.211 A54

For Primary
Give me half!, math bag [Kit] 513.26 M87
Rabbit’s pajama party, math bag [Kit] 515.24 M87
Seaweed soup, math bag [Kit] 511.3 M78
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! [DVD] DVD 8245
Sundae scoop, math bag [Kit] 511.6 S86

For Primary / Junior

Math for children

  • Addition DVD 8108
  • Decimals & percents DVD 8109
  • Division DVD 8110
  • Gathering & graphing data DVD 8112
  • Geometry DVD 8113
  • Money DVD 8064
  • Multiplication DVD 8114
  • Number sense DVD 8115
  • Subtraction DVD 8116
  • Telling time DVD 8117
  • For Junior
    40 cross-number puzzles, fractions, decimals and percents 513.2 O44
    40 cross-number puzzles, multiplication and division 513.2 O45

    For Intermediate / Senior

    Algebra for students
  • Analyzing inequalities DVD 8911
  • Exponential functions DVD 8912
  • Functions & relations DVD 8913
  • Linear equations & slope DVD 8914
  • Patterns & formulas DVD 8915
  • Polynomials DVD 8916
  • Pythagorean theorem & right triangles DVD 8917
  • Quadratic functions DVD 8918
  • Systems of linear equations DVD 8919
  • Variables, expressions & equations DVD 8920
  • Keywords: Dvd, Math Bag

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