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By: Tazworks  09-12-2011
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User Friendly Interface

User Friendly interface

Here is what our affiliates are saying..

Instascreen has become a competitive advantage for our firm. I start my marketing presentations with a demonstration of Instascreen's client interface. In several instances, the client has been so wowed by "our" system's ease of use as compared to other systems that they've immediately asked "Where do I sign?" We strive to deliver superior quality and customer service to our clients and Instascreen reinforces that client experience.

Coffey - Imperative Research

My end users are ecstatic with the system. It's so simple and easy for them and for us to use. They can do so much so instantly that they love it.

Marie Patton - Kelmar & Associates

The interface on your system is very easy to use. I haven't had any problems with it at all. Wish everyone had something like this set up!

End User

I wanted to share this feedback with you from our customers. We quite often sign up new customers for Screening because the system they use is too complicated. After we show them how TazWorks operates and how quickly we get the information back they are really pleased and excited about signing up with us. A couple of years ago I purchased a small company and the majority of the customers, especially one large company, stayed with us because of TazWorks and how easy it is to use.

Debbie - Advanced Screening Research

Flexible and Powerful Features

Flexible and Powerful Features

  • Simple and powerful, InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ is intuitive, easy-to-use, and flexible to accommodate your clients specialized needs.
  • Create unlimited pricing and ordering packages for each client. For example, you can create a specific ordering package for each position for which the client hires, or create custom ordering menus from which the client can order a la carte as needed, or create combination package sets with a la carte add on products.
  • Ordering packages can be configured with package pricing that includes a set number of included searches. Any searches beyond that limit are charged the configured per search rate. Additionally, packages can be configured to limit the total number of searches that can be added, helping to maintain budgets.
  • Customize any ordering menu to each client's needs. Make searches required, suggested, or completely optional.
  • Create unlimited report layouts with our drag-and-drop layout editor, to please your most demanding clients.
  • Create unlimited custom screening product templates to accommodate any specialized and proprietary search you desire.
  • Create unlimited question sets for verification and reference products, to address the requirements of each client and the positions for which they hire.
  • System access is controlled by user and client permissions, allowing you to assign only the permissions necessary to facilitate a user's specific responsibilities and duties. Trusted users can be assigned broad administrative permissions while others users can be restricted to only a few specific actions and access.
  • Makes supplementing a report with updates and additions easy, even after completion.
  • Allows client hierarchy and ala carte user permissions for the highest degree of flexibility, security and collaboration. Allow only authorized personal to see and review sensitive search results.
  • Conduct all your Tenant, Employment Student/Intern, Online-Dating, Sub-Contractor (vendor) and, Volunteer Background Screening on a single platform.
  • Customizable order entry required fields per client to ensure you are capturing the data you need for each particular client's situation.
  • You will enjoy working with our flexible and customizable features allowing you to meet the diverse needs of your various clients.

Efficient Processing and Automation

Standardized Data Exchange Gateway

Ordering (ATS) Gateway

  • Tazworks' powerful Gateway supports XML and other communication standards.
  • Applicant Tracking and Property Management Sytems (ATS/PMS) can quickly integrate themselves to order and retrieve background checks from InstaScreen
  • Support clients that wish to upload batch orders with a spreadsheet (CSV file).
  • Support clients that wish to request and receive search results via XML into their own proprietary applications.
  • Its very popular for screening agencies to leverage TazWorks' Ordering Gateway and craft unique onboarding applications that differentiate them selves in the market.
  • TazWorks' InstaScreen is pre-integrated with the most popular Applicant Tracking and Property Management Sytems (ATS/PMS). Ask us for a list.

Vendor (data-provider) Gateway

  • TazWorks' Gateway allows you to electronically request and receive search data from your third-party. data suppliers.
  • TazWorks' Gateway makes its easy for your vendor to easily add themselves as an integrated provider.
  • Integrate with ancillary service providers such as form I-9 verifications, substance abuse screening, assessment testing, and other service providers.
  • TazWorks' InstaScreen is pre-integrated with the most popular data-providers. Ask us a list.

We have enjoyed great success with our established track record and are continuing to expand our integrations with several projects currently underway. If you need a particular vendor or your client has an existing ATS feel free to setup a meeting with TazWorks and their technical team.

Intuitive Background Ordering Wizard

Intuitive Background Ordering Wizard

InstaScreen's hallmark achievement is its ease of ordering. InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ takes it one step further with options like our:

  • Jurisdiction selection tool that automatically looks up and suggests jurisdictions for order inclusion from known addresses and from developed address history (eg SSN Trace).
  • Address-data filtering tools, which suggest jurisdictions and aliases based on applicant's identity and address history developed by an SSN Trace or Credit Report Header.
  • Simple alias-handling feature that allows you to select which jurisdictions apply to each given alias.
  • Ordering options that allow you to control how simple or empowered you want your clients' ordering authorization to be.
  • Streamlined ordering with InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ that is fast and easy.
  • Easily process hundreds of applicants with InstaScreen's batch upload feature.
  • Duplicate order checking.
  • Dynamic ordering wizard based upon requirements of searches selected in package.
  • Ordering wizard includes an order summary for final approval with optional view price permission.

Streamlined Vendor Outsourcing

Streamlined Vendor Outsourcing

  • Powerful vendor management features to administer, dispatch, and retrieve searches from your data provider network.
  • Customizable, knowledge base to manage which vendor receives which orders, based upon jurisdiction and many other options.
  • Rolodex feature allows you to track contact information and mode of access for verifications employment, education and residency. Inludes an option to import BRB's contact data.
  • Set system option to automatically dispatch new search-requests to vendors, or change option to review new search-requests first, before sending to a vendor.
  • Batch groups of research to your data suppliers.
  • Embedded XML interfaces completed for numerous vendors; ask us for the list.
  • Fourth reseller-friendly source available for TransUnion credit reports.
  • Customizable, context-sensitive knowledge base for special processing instructions, required forms and jurisdictional notes.
  • Vendor load-balancing
  • Stay on top of your researchers with two way messaging and automatic outstanding order reminders.
  • Maximize outsourcing efficiency with management reports.
  • Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables your suppliers to quickly integrate themselves into InstaScreen.
  • Interact quickly and efficiently with your data suppliers to compile applicant data.
  • Vendor web-interface allows your researchers to login and enter search results directly in the system, saving you time and reducing transcription errors.

Provide Ancillary Services

Drug/Substance Abuse Screening

  • Pre-integrated to the most popular Labs and TPAs. Ask us for the list.
  • Standardized XML Gateway allows your MRO and TPA to integrate themselves into InstaScreen.
  • Applicants' drug screen results are uploaded electronically, and displayed in a Drug Testing Queue with matches to existing files.


  • Pre-integrated.
  • E-verify and full FormI9 compliance features.
  • Order, process, and manage form I9 status queues all from within InstaScreen Premier 2.0™

If you require additional information about our redundant hardware, backup and security measures, please ask.

Custom Report Presentation

Reliable and Secure

Reliable and Secure

InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ is faster, more reliable, and more secure. The enterprise grade application architecture ensures that your screening data is safe and accessible 24/7. The new platform architecture incorporates leading edge technology that provides for SSL acceleration, server load balancing and server clustering. SSL acceleration is achieved by offloading the processor intensive operations of encryption and decryption of SSL communications onto specialized hardware, thus freeing up the servers to process your work requests for the fastest possible page loads and transitions. Load Balancing provides for the routing of your work requests to the server that will process your work request the quickest. Server clustering means that in the unlikely event of a hardware failure, user requests will be seamlessly and transparently routed to another server.

Furthermore, InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ is audited and certified by a third-party, which includes quarterly external risk assessment scans, as well as annual onsite inspections to maintain its rigorous Cybertrust certification status. TazWorks, with its InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ software platform has gained approval from all three national credit bureaus to deliver credit report data over the Internet. Rest assured that you are in full compliance with your credit bureau agreements when delivering Credit and SSN searches to your clients through InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™.

The following confidential & proprietary security documents are available for review on TazWorks site: Employee policy Handbook; Technology team roles and responsibilities; Firewalls and router configuration standards; Data encryption, storage, and security; Data access; Employee and contractor information security; System monitoring maintenance, and testing; Software development; Incident response and disaster recovery plan

If you require additional information about our redundant hardware, backup and security measures, please ask.

Easy Client Invoicing

Easy Client Invoicing

  • Option to choose itemized/detailed or summarized charge descriptions.
  • Options to sort billing by name, social security numbers, requestors, and many others.
  • Options to subtotal charges by applicant, requestor or reference.
  • Multiple billing cycles to facilitate invoicing for separate divisions or invoicing clients on different billing cycles (e.g. some once a week and others once a month).
  • Automate and manage charges with product fees; create and choose from predefined custom charges, charge tables, automatic recurring charges or any combination.
  • Post additional charges or credits to past reports at any time, even after billing, and the next client invoice will automatically be updated.
  • Manage billing with accounting fields, such as terms, class, and purchase order.
  • Sales tax options.
  • Choose from numerous sales and billing reports, as well as sales commission reports.
  • Choose from multiple export formats and accounting system interfaces, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Business Works, Great Planes, MYOB, and general purpose comma separated value (CSV) formats.
  • Credit card charging option allows you to require payment for each order at order time or to charge client upon invoicing.

Continuous Innovation

Online Application with Electronic Signature

Advantages of the QuickApp™ online application process include:

  • Your clients can collect applications online – 24/7.
  • Your clients can reduce errors, save time, and minimize costs by avoiding order-entry. No more transcribing and duplicate order-entry of applicant data.
  • Assist your clients maintain legal compliance with FCRA mandated background check disclosures and authorization/release forms.
  • The applicant’s online application is seamlessly uploaded in real-time for processing in InstaScreen™.
  • You have the option to have applicants to pay for their own report with a credit card (this is particularly popular with non-profits, property managers, and other organizations looking to trim screening costs).
  • The completed application and electronic consent for background check can be viewed and printed from within InstaScreen™.
  • Allows your clients to reduce liability and exposure to age discrimination lawsuits and identity theft by “outsourcing” the collection of sensitive personal identifiers (including DOB and SSN) to their background check provider.
  • Enables business partners to extend to their clientele powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS) system features and capabilities in a simple, easy-to-use online application system. QuickApp™ is a big hit with companies with high application volume and no ATS interface.

The QuickApp™ maximizes client flexibility with our online application process that can be initiated in four ways:

Self-service online kiosks – Allows applicants to visit a website configured to your client’s specifications and complete their application and electronic release online. Links to the QuickApp™ “Kiosk” can be placed on your website and/or your client’s website.

Whichever way or ways your clients might choose, TazWorks’ QuickApp™ online application process allows you greater access to the substantial market opportunities in the Volunteer, Student/Intern, Independent Contractor, Online Dating, Tenant, and Employment screening spaces.

Tenant ScoreCard


  • A "Pass" / "Fail" / "Conditional" recommendation for each report.
  • Scoring criteria can be easily customized for each property.
  • Credit criteria can be configured based on the "type" and "date" of certain credit elements, as well as income-to-rent ratio, income-to-debt ratio, bankruptcy history, payment history, collections/charge offs, and credit score
  • No software to install. Enjoy a seamless integration with our InstaScreen screening system.
  • Accurate, automated and objective scoring recommendations reduce exposure to fair housing discrimination.
  • Integrated data sources provide virtually instant results.
  • Multi-state criminal and eviction database checks are available.
  • Instant credit data is available from all three bureaus.
  • TruSecure certified system.
  • Tenant Scorecard"s low price gives you a competitive edge in the market place.

Behind the Scenes

The InstaScreen Tenant Scorecard is designed to provide maximum flexibility to each property manager. This, coupled with the highly customizable InstaScreen system, allows the manager to tailor each Scorecard to each property. Credit data is seamlessly integrated and available from all three bureaus. Criminal data is available instantly from multi-state databases. Additionally, more in depth, manual searches can be configured with the scorecard to provide the ultimate in assurance. Likewise, both instant and manual eviction data is available for consideration. Future enhancements under development include improved handling for multiple applicants and in-depth management reporting features.


InstaScreen Tenant Scorecard provides the most powerful and simple means available by which to score applicants. The combination of comprehensive data sources and customizable scoring criteria means property owners can decrease delinquency and increase profitability.

Keywords: Background Screening, Customer Service

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