T.A. Wallace Strategic Networking Design & Deployment Delivers Bottom Line Results

By: Tawallace Associates  09-12-2011

Establish Business Goals, Project Expectations w/ IT  Management

Identify Stakeholders

Engage Resources to Collect Data

Comparative Network  Technologies Seminar for IT Management

Baseline Analysis & Assessment of Current Network

Validate Contracts & Design & Billing

Develop Demand Set Based on Current ConfigurationThis becomes your baseline for ROI and Benefit Measurement

Savings are accrued during this process

Evaluate Technology Options for New Environment vs
Business Goals

Develop Network Topology & Vendor Strategy

Design Application Integration Profiles

Develop Network Management Plan- Staffing, Tools, SLA,
Operations Req.Develop ROI Profile

Develop & Issue RFP to Vendors

Evaluate Responses & Review w/ Team

Vendor Finalist Presentations w/ Stakeholders

Obtain Best & Final Pricing

Recommend Options w/TCO Analysis

Contract Negotiation

Develop Detailed Implementation Plan w/ Vendors

Place Orders

Begin Implementation

Weekly Status Reports w/ Stakeholders

Validate Results vs Objectives for Each Site as Completed

Validate Overall Results vs Objectives

Provide ROI Analysis