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By: Targetprocess  09-12-2011
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What if you could do all your work from one screen only? No multiple tabs, windows or screens — just one! Teams Board is a big step in this direction, but we need your help in proving this new concept.

The way we see it, Teams Board will combine 4 areas in the near future: Kanban Board, Task Board, Prioritize and Assign Team Member. The goal of Teams Board in v.2.21 release is to prove its concept and collect feedback, as much feedback as possible. We want to verify whether we are on the right track or not and then move forward.

Let's dig into some details.

Teams Board works nicely for multiple projects. You can see workload for all selected projects on one screen. Note that you can use drag-and-drop for everything: prioritization, re-assignment, change project, change state. You can quickly balance projects/teams load and move stories and bugs around.

There are 3 detalization levels. On the first level you see only small boxes  .
Use tooltips to check story names and details.

On the second level you see a usual card similar to Kanban Board or Release Plan.

On the third level you see a large card with more details.

Perhaps, the second detalization level is the most convenient of all. Let's expand projects to see more details and take some actions.

A high-level view of all work assigned to different people is there as well. You can spot a person with many stories and bugs in progress, find another developer with no assignments and give him something to work on.

We're aware that Teams Board has some limitations. Please, use the Board and give us your feedback so we can improve. We'll read every word.

Keywords: bugs

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