By: Tara Alain  09-12-2011
Keywords: Patterns, Flower Essences

Matrix Energetics level 4   and Apprenticeship Program with Reggi Shelley

Modern physics describes reality as vibrations and waveform patterns that are essentially light and information.  Our biological information fields form an active, constantly resonating matrix throughout the body.  When new information is introduced in this matrix by changing the vibration and waveforms, new possibilities that are more in alignment are created at the quantum level where reality is created.


Using a pendulum as one would use muscle testing we access information from your inner intelligence/higher self through charts that can give us a clearer perspective as to the patterns that are creating the blocks or limitations to you moving forward.  By connecting to the specific energies we can help create the space for re-alignment and balance.

Reiki ll

By going through a series of hand placements along your chakras (energy centres), we bring in the chi (life-force energy) which, when introduced into the body, identifies the disruption of the body's energy flow.  It then draws through the healer exactly the amount of energy that you need, helping to clear the blockages and facilitating the body's natural healing process.

Chakra/Energy Balancing

Allows for a feeling of being grounded, present, peaceful and focused which helps you to experience your life from a clearer perspective.

Flower Essences

Flower essences work directly with both the electrical and the central nervous systems.  When we experience health, this electrical network is balanced and fully connected.  When something in our life or environment threatens that balance, the electrical system responds by either short-circuiting or overloading.

The flower essences themselves are liquid, pattern-infused solutions made from individual flowers, each containing a specific imprint that responds in a balancing, repairing and rebuilding manner to imbalances... Perelandra Essences

Signature Cell Healing

Signature Cell Healing is a non-invasive touch healing experience which focuses energy on the "signature cell"  which lies within the pineal gland. This cell holds the memory of our cellular perfection and our original life blueprint, and the all important pineal gland, activated by light, acts as a link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Keywords: Flower Essences, Patterns