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By: Tangled Garden  09-12-2011
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A good supply of herb vinegars is like having a gourmet shop in the kitchen. As a substitute for lemon juice, these vinegars can be your secret ingredient in salad dressings, mayonnaise, dips & marinades. Splash over sautéed vegetables. Baste seafood or poultry while grilling. Marinate vegetables — after grilling they readily accept layers of flavours from the marinade. Substitute for lemon juice in any vinaigrette to add nuance. For a nice accent add a tablespoon at the last minute to soups and stews. Small amounts added to roasts will help enhance flavour and tenderize the meat, or use as a marinade before roasting or grilling. Sprinkle liberally over your fish and chips, or on sandwiches. A simple way to add flavour without adding fat, sugar or salt.

750ml and 500ml bottles
$17.00 and $15.00

This special blend will evoke a taste of summer, always fresh & lively. Our favourite base for salad dressings.

An aromatic & spicy vinegar that belongs with tomatoes, Greek salads, Bloody Marys (substitute for lemon juice). Mix with olive oil for Italian bread dip. Try in our Chicken and Basil Vinegar recipe.

Mediterranean scents of fennel and garlic are used to marinate fish, beef or pork. Baste poultry, seafood & meat. Excellent in seafood salad.

For a hint of the exotic, try it in our vinaigrette recipe. A robust blend of herbs and spices makes it a great marinate for vegetables, chicken or pork. Tasty in rice or a lentil salad.

A generous mixture of herbs makes this a bold choice for hearty salads — as a marinade for lamb, beef or pork — melt with butter or whisk with olive oil and drizzle over new potatoes, brussels sprouts or other vegetables.

This will add zip and enhance any vinaigrette for green salads or vegetables. Try in our vinaigrette recipe.

Summer flavours in a bottle. Try with warm or cold potato salads and coleslaws. A must with grilled salmon or smoked trout.

This will add zip and enhance any vinaigrette for green salads or vegetables. Try in our vinaigrette recipe.


HOT CHIILI OIL (500ml - $15.00)

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Keywords: Herb Vinegars, Herbs, lemon juice, Vinegar,

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Tangled Garden - Savory Herb Jellies - SavoryJellies

Fresh picked herbs suspended in shimmering jellies are jewel-like confections with their colour. Try with a fluffy cheese omelette, cold ham, chicken or simply with your favourite mild cheese. APPLE SAGEEspecially good with tangy cheese, cold sliced turkey or baked fish. LEMON ROSEMARYTart & sweet, with lamb, chicken or fish. Adds colour & zip to cheeses, meats or sandwiches. Makes an excellent glaze for roast pork or duck.


Tangled Garden - Savory Herb Jellies - BreakfastJellies

Try a dollop stirred into your yougurt, stir into fruit salads instead of sugar or honey, brush on fruit tarts or cheesecake to make them shine, or add to a vinaigrette for a tangy twist. GOOSEBERRY LEMON BALMAn old fashion flavor that is a must on a toasted english muffin with lots of sweet butter. LEMON THYMEOur closest to a marmalade, and a perfect spread on toast when you want the zing without the peel.


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We offer a fine selection of gourmet hand-crafted jelly, jam, chutney, mustard, vinegar and honey - using fresh herbs from our garden and fruit from the surrounding Annapolis Valley. Our products are available in single jars or bottles, or specially packaged in handmade wooden gift boxes.


Tangled Garden - Savory Herb Jellies - ChutneySalsa

WILD BLUEBERRY AND TARRAGON CHUTNEY Top grilled chicken or fish with a generous spoonfull, or simply enjoy with goat cheese and crackers. CRANBERRY SAGE CHUTNEYWonderful with a holiday turkey, cold turkey and chicken sandwiches - great with baked brie. ROASTED GARLIC & ONION CHUTNEYA hot spicy garnish for roast beef, steak, burgers and other barbecued meats.


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Top half a cored and sliced ripe pear with 2 tablespoons of peppered goat cheese, 1 to 2 tablespoons of syrup, and a few walnut halves. Mix a little into soda water and serve over ice between the courses of a rich meal as a palate cleanser. BLACKBERRY BLISSORANGE ROSEMARYRASPBERRY MINT VINEGARAPPLE THYMELAVENDER MAPLE SYRUP. Drizzle lightly over fresh fruit or cheeses such as mozzarella, chévre, or cream.