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By: Tamiyablog  09-12-2011

We will try to update with the latest news as soon as we get them, below an electronic translation of a first company statement:

2011 March 14th (Monday) the 13:45

Customer Guide

In everyone who suffers by northeast local Pacific Ocean open sea earthquake we visit from heart.
We pray the revival whose also one day is quick.

Below, the [tamiya] sponsorship event (RC and mini- four running, company seeing academic society) we guide opening schedule, [tamiyasakitsuto] and the business schedule etc of [tamiyapuramoderuhuakutori].

* It is information as of March 14th. When it is modified according to circumstance, it is.

* About the opening of this corporation sponsorship event

<RC event>
March 19th (Saturday) 20 days (day) Mini- F-1 champion decisive game [tamiya] Kakegawa circuit -> discontinuance (* The alternative event is held on April 10th)
March 26th (Saturday) RC [pakutamiya] Kakegawa circuit -> execution (* Only crawler MTG modification on April 23rd)
April 2nd (Saturday) 3 days (day) [tamiyaguranpuri] in Tokyo Asakusa ROX3 -> discontinuance
April 16th (Saturday) 17 days (day) [tamiyaguranpuri] in Kansai Kobe fruit flower park -> execution
April 23rd (Saturday) 24 days (day) [tamiya] F-1GP electromotive durable [resutamiyasakitsuto] -> execution

<Mini- four running events>

March 19th (Saturday) 20 days (day) Spring GP/Shizuoka [tsuinmetsuse] Shizuoka -> discontinuance
March 25th (gold) ~27 day (day) Mini- four running fair 2011 [tamiyapuramoderuhuakutori] Shinbashi stores -> execution
March 27th (day) Spring GP/Osaka Kyocera dome Osaka -> execution
April 3rd (day) Spring GP/Okayama toy kingdom -> execution
April 17th (day) Spring GP/Sendai Sendai business support center -> discontinuance
April 30th (Saturday) Junior cup/Yokohama [toretsusa] Yokohama -> undecided

<Company seeing academic society>
March 24th (the wood) ~25 day (the gold) spring day off parent and child seeing academic society -> execution

About the use of the ■RC car circuit
[tamiyasakitsuto] and the [tamiya] Kakegawa circuit open alongside the circuit calendar.

* About the business of [tamiyapuramoderuhuakutori]
<Shinbashi store> March 14th (month) temporary suspension of business, 15 days (the fire) ~18 day (the gold) business hour 12 o’clock is shortened at the time of the ~18.
<Yokohama store> March 14th (month) and 15 days (the fire) temporary suspension of business, 16 days (the water) business hour 10 o’clock is shortened at the time of the ~18.
* Description above is information as of March 14th. When it is modified according to circumstance, it is.
In addition because also the fact that you make illuminating and heating etc inside the store moderate it is please acknowledge.

Above, understanding of the customer that it can receive cooperation, we ask may.
Changing, we pray the restoration revival whose also one day of suffering area is quick.

Tamiya Corporation

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For the celebration of the 5 first years, we decided to give a new Sand Rover kit as the original version was released almost exactly 30 years ago and also 5 years after Tamiya’s first RC-car and also because of being kit number 58500. In the past years we have received several offers to get sponsors and add advertisements, but we declined and decided to pay all the running costs ourselves to guarantee being as neutral and objective as possible.


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21096 1/20 Tyrrell P34 1976 Japanese Grand Prix No.4 (Finished Model. 15438 Reinforced Gear & One Lock Gear Cover (for Super II Chassis. 54326 M-06 Rear Mount for Carbon Damper Stay. 18064 Terra Scorcher RS (Super-II Chassis. 54327 M-05/M-06 Aluminum Rear Upright. 54322 TA06 Carbon Reinforced J-Parts. 54324 TA06 Carbon Damper Stay.


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Also, the model originally had touring car style wide low profile tires and wheels, which I replaced with Buggy Champ front tires and wheels, detailed with the centre part of the wheels off an Esci/Revell Type 82 Kübelwagen (same 5-bolt wheel pattern as the Type 181).


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The home of RC electric buggy that reprinted the Tamiya Rough Rider Parts consisting of metal, XR311 and I wanted to reprint it ?Ida Konbattobagi events.. The wheel also seen Def and ingenuity, and I use the F103 is also part of the high points. The reason for this is that the products have not gotten that gem is based on the old kit. Dairekutodoraibutaipu finally again that the car was released to the RC.


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Siam Tamiya, a model kits company in Thailand, has had its 2011 calendar recognised with a new set of awards with the Grand Prix for Design at the Spikes Asia creative advertising festival, following on from a Gold Design Lion at Cannes in June.