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By: Talkgreen  09-12-2011

Each week millions upon millions of exuberant human beings head out of their houses and into nightclubs to expend large amounts of energy on the dancefloor. Whilst it may not be the pastime of everyone there’s no denying this a powerful resource. Could it really be possible to harness this energy and help save the planet? One person believes so and on Thursday 10th July in King’s Cross, Dr.Earth challenged club promoters the world over to embrace a greener future.

Surya is only the second ecological club on the planet, a flagship venture and a pioneer of ecological excellence. The club has an energy, self-generating dancefloor which by combining materials such as quartz crystals, ceramics, cutting edge technology and the dancing motion of clubbers generates enough energy to power up to 50% of the clubs energy requirements. A wind turbine and a solar energy system makes the club 100% fully sustainable. Its advanced alternative energy system is so effective that it will produce a surplus of electricity which is freely donated to the private residents closest to the building. The club has also installed the latest air flush, waterless urinals and low flush toilets, as well as automatic taps to ensure maximum water saving. Even the air conditioning units are ecological.

There is no greater universal language that unites people than music and no greater convergence of the diversity of peoples which populate our planet than the international clubbing circuit. Working against climate change is not only duty but can be serious fun and club4climate and Surya provide a platform to dance towards a greener future.

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I keep old shopping bags in the hatchback of my Prius, the old paper-inside-plastic-with-handles deal, with the intent to re-use them until they literally fall apart. The problem is, at least 50% of the time I go food shopping, I arrive at the check-out counter and it hits me – I have left them in the car. So although I usually berate myself for being lazy, I guess it is a combination of forgetfulness, embarrassment, and laziness, to be exact.


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I don’t want to go into details on the conception of the laptop because what I really want to talk to you about today is the latest wonder in the laptop world and that is the big brother of the MacBook…the MacBook Pro. If you’re a Mac enthusiast you must know that the 13in Macbook that came out at the end of this summer is a big step in computer designing in terms of the environmental impact.


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Figure 1, above, may look like a lovely work of art meant to evoke little wavelets formed by raindrops on a serene body of water. It’s not too long before, as you can see in Figure 4, they become downright uncomfortable on your feet and you have to get out. You turn on the shower and step in, the concentric circles gently massaging your feet and helping make the surface non-slip.


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After 8 years of lies and too much money spent on the war in Iraq by the Bush administration, the Americans can now believe in a brighter future. The way Barack Obama will help the United States get back on their feet is probably the best, most reliable and sustainable method you can have. For the past few weeks I’ve been scared of ending up with John McCain as the President of our southern neighbors.


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If you are sharing a ride to the airport, then you will only be matched with someone else who is leaving from your area to go to the same airport. If you are sharing a ride from the airport, you will only be matched with someone who is on the same flight and going to the same area you are. After your trip, you will have an opportunity to evaluate your co-rider, and the limo company, with a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” rating.


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In more details, 17 trees are cut down and 20,000 gallons of water is consumed for every thousand tons. It’s only a little sheet of paper you say every time you rip one away from its roll. The impact… 3,000 tons of paper towel waste every day in the United-States alone. That’s how many sheets of paper towels we humans use every year.