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By: Tait Communications  09-12-2011
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A Smart Grid will provide all of this to you and more

Our global experience indicates that improvements to Distribution Automation provide a high return on investment for a utility looking for long-term asset management/network efficiency benefits.

You can improve your SAIDI and CAIDI while still supporting high contributions of wind and solar energy, as well as local, small-scale energy generation — a well-managed and controlled network measuring two-way power flow, provides you with the required flexibility and efficiency.

Robust and responsive

Smart Grids can resist damage and heal themselves. Automated monitoring and control lets you identify and isolate potential faults. Where outages cannot be prevented, they are shorter and more manageable. SAIDI and CAIDI, will improve significantly in a well-managed Grid.

Communications backbone

The key enabler of a Smart Grid is the information and communications network.

Tait delivers practical wireless communication solutions that allow for cost-effective Distribution Automation implementation.

You may have a legacy radio network providing coverage for voice communications throughout your network. Integrating the two-way communication modules into this legacy system when connected to sensors and RTU’s monitoring connections, facilitates a cost effective automation solution.

The Tait Distribution Automation Solution provides the communication network, integration with your SCADA application, and full security features.

Tait radio networks are resilient and provide end-to-end IP connectivity. The networks also have excellent monitoring and reporting capabilities. The outcome is higher quality, more efficient, and more responsive energy delivery.

Real-time monitoring and prioritization

Tait radio networks facilitate measurement of contribution from distributed generation and high-energy users. in the future, electric vehicles' demand dynamics and demand response may become additional considerations.

Tait radio networks can manage data with different priorities. Voice and data for incident management can override scheduled analysis. Emergency voice traffic can be prioritized without locking up vital operational communications. 

The extent of automation implemented in your Distribution Grid is determined by the trade-off between cost of automation and the savings achieved by higher reliability. With a cost-efficient Distribution Automation solution from Tait, you can use your voice network and implement a higher level of Grid management with cost equal to that of a separate communication solution. This improves ROI and is easier to manage in the long term.

Keywords: Radio Network, Radio Networks

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