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By: Tait Communications  09-12-2011
Keywords: Radio Communications, Radio Network, Communications Solution

Business environments, regulation, expansion and obsolescence are drivers that dictate change in the way your organization communicates. When it’s time to consider a new or upgraded radio communications network, Tait has the technologies, tools and ideas to predict, plan, identify and customize a communications solution that guarantees the right fit.


Every aspect of your radio network can be tailored specifically to your industry needs. From custom firmware in your radio fleet to a complex, multi-vendor customized and integrated system, Tait can design to meet your organizational preferences and your operational processes. The Customization Team performs engineering design activities that may include:

  • hardware and PCB design,
  • firmware and software,
  • technical documentation
  • testing and release

System Design

Tait experts analyse your performance criteria and benchmark key network parameters to deliver measurable performance benefits in system availability, traffic loading, data throughput and signal strengths. The outcome will be the right network architecture, products, services and applications. The process will include

  • Network planning and analysis
  • Network optimization
  • Coverage and migration planning
  • IP system design
  • Customization

Network Migration

Upgrading to any new technology with Tait guarantees a staged and seamless upgrade path and outage-free cutover. This service delivers expert planning, industry experience and deep radio communications knowledge, creating confidence in your migration plan as you move to the benefits of new digital technologies. The service includes

  • network requirement analysis and audit
  • coverage survey
  • technology assessment

Coverage Design and Optimization

Our coverage experts deliver robust coverage design across diverse geographical terrains, within challenging business environments and to meet regulatory changes. Your organisation benefits from Tait experience and professional understanding of your coverage issues to implement a coverage plan that delivers on your KPIs.

  • requirements definition and capture
  • coverage prediction
  • site survey
  • coverage verification
  • deployment

Other Tait Design Services include:

  • Network Analysis
  • Network Optimization
  • IP System Design and Loading

Keywords: Communications Solution, Radio Communications, Radio Network

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