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By: T1 Shopper  09-12-2011

T3 and DS3 are used interchangeably. To our knowledge, there are no authoritative publications technically defining the two terms although it may be acknowledged that a "DS-3" refers to the format of transmission (framing) and "T3" refers to the type of connection and the facility used in transmitting the signal.

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Fractional T1 Line Prices

The cost of your local loop is the same - irregardless if it's a full T1 or fractional T1 loop because the local phone company always sets the local loop a 1.54 Mbps. Since there are no cost savings for the T1 provider or the local phone company on a local loop, the end user customer doesn't get any cost cutting here either. Because it takes the same amount of copper wires and other equipment to run a fractional T1 as it does a full T1.