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By: Syniverse Technologies Inc  09-12-2011

Advanced real-time alerting and rating that enables you or your subscribers to set spending and/or usage thresholds based on pre-established policies.

When customers who roam don’t use mobile data services because they are worried about the cost, everyone loses. Subscribers are unhappy because they feel they must restrict use of their services, and operators are unhappy because they lose revenue. Then, if subscribers do use their data services without regard to costs, they risk receiving excessively large monthly mobile bills and operators may not even be able to collect what they are owed, making it difficult to compensate roaming partners.

Increase Revenue Assurance, Decrease Churn

RoamMonitor, Syniverse's advanced real-time alerting and rating service, enables you or your subscribers to set spending and/or usage thresholds based on pre-established policies. You are then able to inform your subscribers via an SMS alert before they breach their pre-defined thresholds, reducing the threat of bill shock and keeping them within budget. Here's what RoamMonitor does for you:

  • Increases roaming revenue, profitability – when subscribers understand their usage status, they will likely increase data use while roaming because they know they will not go over their limits.
  • Reduces churn by enhancing the user experience – subscribers are happy when they aren't subject to bill shock.
  • Increases revenue assurance by reducing chance of you being held responsible for your subscribers' uncollectible bills.
  • Alleviates capital costs and operational burden – you have access to a cost-effective service bureau system architecture.

Keeps Your Subscribers Informed

RoamMonitor also:

  • Complies with E.U. regulations requiring implementation of mobile data usage transparency.
  • Detects mobile data usage in near real time by collecting intermediate records, alleviating the impact of lengthy usage sessions.
  • Manages and enforces threshold policies.

Increase your revenue and protect yourself from unpaid bills while reducing customer churn. Everyone wins with RoamMonitor from Syniverse.

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