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By: Synergy Work Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Strategic Planning, Effective Strategic Planning

Synergy Work Solutions will work with you to:

  • Identify the type of planning that best suits your current situation and budget,
  • Get a thorough and true understanding of the organizational “baseline”: the level of organizational trust and teamwork, the key things preventing you from greater success, the levels of alignment with people, systems, processes, finances, organizational structure,
  • Help determine your capacity to execute based on “the morale on deck”. Without a fired up and committed team, the best plans can go unexecuted,
  • Develop a winning strategy for the next one to three years,
  • If required, develop a compelling story/vision/saga that energizes and galvanizes the troops, along with a meaningful and impactful Mission, and organizational values that people identify with and are prepared to live by, guiding the efforts and key decisions,
  • Produce “quick wins” to gain momentum once planning is completed,
  • Develop succinct, specific goals aligning with the strategy and a plan to stay on track.

We understand why strategic planning typically does not achieve its intended objective, and know what to do to best ensure that they are achieved.

Our Effective Strategic Planning Process is designed to get teams pulling enthusiastically in the same direction towards common goals and key priorities, with an execution plan for the next 12-18 months, towards three-year strategic initiatives. When needed, we also help develop meaningful and impactful corporate visions, values, and mission statements.

Many organizations and individuals within them spend much of their time working “in the business” versus “on the business”. The constant interruptions, “fire fighting”, reacting, and work demands makes planning difficult. Yet, we know from the world’s foremost experts on individual and organizational effectiveness, that the time we spend planning and aligning our teams and ourselves towards goals, a common direction, and a common purpose that resonates with all, increases productivity, employee engagement, and results.

Often, when we do attempt to take the time to do planning with the team, the results aren’t there, the follow-up sporadic, and execution wanting. As Larry Bossidy highlights so eloquently in the book Execution, it’s this latter point that most often occurs. We get busy, distracted, and lose any momentum gained during the planning process.

Having the expertise and experience of Synergy Work Solutions, you’re benefitting from trained facilitators, experienced leaders, and a team that has developed and implemented effective strategies. We have also experienced and learned what doesn’t work, allowing you to benefit from others’ mistakes!

Keywords: Effective Strategic Planning, Strategic Planning,

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