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By: Symfo  09-12-2011
Keywords: Clinical Trials

Symfo's Phased Empowerment provides customers the means to independently use our electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) technology and applications. Symfo promotes these "technology transfer" options to allow clients and partners total use of the product suite to satisfy their desires for independence, cost reduction and budgetary control.

Symfo offers three phases of "Empowerment" with highly flexible implementation options.

Phase I, the Learning Phase

In this Phase, Symfo will build and host the trial while training the client. Customers will "shadow" our project managers, study designers and (perhaps) trainers throughout the Subject Diary Life Cycle (SDLC). During this phase, the Customer will gain knowledge and confidence in the system and become prepared for the technology transfer.

Phase II, the Mentoring Phase

In Phase II, clients can design and manage their own clinical trials while being mentored by Symfo team members. Sponsors can take tasks in-house at their own rate, allowing for staffing ramp-up and learning curves. Hosting can still be maintained by Symfo or performed by the Customer.

Phase III, Technology Transfer

In Phase III the client uses Symfo technology, software and hosting independently. Symfo will limit its actions to providing helpdesk for the Customer and maintaining the software at regular intervals. At this point the technology has been completely transferred to the Customer who will remain in control of data collected by the patients.

Keywords: Clinical Trials

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